Love Does Not Come Through DNA

Why is it that so often weight is placed on more love coming through blood relations than in adoption, whether legally or informally? 

Love does not come from DNA.  Love comes from a much deeper source.  Yes, love comes through blood, but certainly not ours.  Jesus sacrificed His blood for us because He loves us so much.  His blood is the eternal spring out of which love flows.  Without it there would be no love at all in this world.

There are couples who show more genuine love towards their adopted children than couples who abuse and neglect the children who have their own DNA or blood.  Each child, whether by birth or adoption or through marriage, is a miracle from God Himself and is worthy of our love.  If our hearts are filled with the blood of Jesus, we will love our children.

I have heard of adoptive parents, myself included, who have been approached with – Too bad you never had any children of your own.  It always cut me to the core of my heart.  Unless I instinctively drew within myself like a wounded puppy, I would answer, “I do have children of my own, five of them!”

When I married a widower with five children, God richly blessed me with children of my own.  I was fearful that if something happened to my husband, the law would take them away from me, so I legally adopted them.  But even if I hadn’t adopted them and had remained a “step-parent,” my love would run deep for my children, contrary to the stereotype found in the story of Cinderella.

A parent not loving their child comes through the parent’s sin, not whether the parent is a “blood-parent,” an adoptive parent, or a step-parent.

You see, love for a child does not come through DNA.  It comes through the blessed blood of Jesus!  And I know God has given me a mother’s and grandmother’s love so deep that I would gladly relieve my children and grandchildren of all their hurts by taking them onto myself and I would count it an honor to die for them.

Reader, how about you?  Will you share your story?

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