Uninterrupted Connection

Twice I was going to post here yesterday.  No connection.  I went through the diagnosis to find the problem.  I suddenly connected again, but by then I lost my muse or was sidelined by some other project that didn’t require a computer.  This morning I went through the same thing.  I still don’t know if the problem is on my end or the service provider’s end, but it seems to be going fine now.

This causes me to reflect upon the amazing connection God gives us.  He is always here for us no matter what.  He does not depend on anything or anyone else to keep His connection going, because He has all things in His Almighty hands. 

Jesus laid down His life to give us a lifeline to God.  No interruptions.  No busy signals.  No matter how heavy the storms that destroy everything in their wake, our connection to God will never, never fail.  Amazing grace!

The connection on God’s side is always open 24/7.  It is from our side that the lines get disconnected.  We can be so unsteady, so untrusting, but God remains faithful and unswerving.

Thank You, Jesus, for giving us an uninterrupted, open lifeline of communication!  We may not always get the answers we want or when we want, but thank You for always being available 24/7!

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