Shelter for the Sparrow and Shelter for You and Me

I snapped these pictures through the window of my office.  Brrrr!  Baths on a cold day?  I wish I had that downy underlay on my skin to help me survive the cold of the winter.

The second picture is one I took today.  The water in that birdbath was frozen this morning.  As you can see, it has warmed up enough to thaw out, but it’s still only in the 40s.  Believe it or not, there was a sparrow that still ventured taking a bath in it.  He didn’t stay in long, however, and his friends weren’t too keen on joining him.   
I have often heard these little creatures called “dumb, ugly birds,” but just look at them.  Notice their fine markings and the fluffy, protective layer they build up under their feathers.  God equips each one for the cold winter ahead.  Not one is forgotten. 
As it gets colder the sparrows find shelter between the evergreen branches or under plants that are not yet cut off.  As I watched them yesterday morning, a Psalm came to mind:
“Beneath Thy care the sparrow finds place for peaceful rest,
To keep her young in safety, the swallow finds a nest,
Then LORD, my King Almighty, Thy love will shelter me,
Beneath Thy holy altar, my dwelling place shall be.”
The same Almighty God Who shelters such a little creature will surely shelter me from all the bitter, cold onslaughts of sin.  The same God Who gives the sparrow a protective layer will give me the Shield of faith to fend off the wiles of Satan.

Reader, that same God Who cares for every creature, no matter what they look like or what they can or cannot do, cares for you, too.  I pray that today you will find refuge in the safety of His love.

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