The Healing Sun of Righteousness

As I gaze through my office windows, I complain in my heart at the freezing rain drizzling down with snow soon to follow.  I cringe at the thought of icy roads and cars skidding.  So many people trying to get to their destinations for Thanksgiving Day.  My husband, too, is trying to get home, and my muscles are as tight as a rubberband stretched to its limits.

I am reminded of a day almost twenty-six years ago when I stood in the kitchen of my soon-to-be husband.  The weather was just like this as my fiance drove to pick up his parents. 

I trembled with fear as I stood at the kitchen counter.  Something will happen, won’t it?  It’s too good to be true that I will marry the man I long prayed for.  God must be showing that He doesn’t approve. 

Then I pleaded with God and prayed that the Sun of righteousness would arise with healing in His wings, that God would bless our union, our lives, our children.  Miraculously, the sun came out and bathed me with light and warmth.  Later I learned that the same miracle awed my fiance as he drove home.

The sun soon hid again until during our marriage ceremony in our living room.  As we stood and kneeled and promised each other our love and commitment, the sun broke forth in brilliance through the bay window, shining its light on us.  Even the minister said, “God must have sent His sunshine for you.”

The sun again hid after the ceremony, but the warmth of its rays still lingers in my heart.  Not only did I receive a precious husband that day, but I also gained five precious children.  And over the years, through many trials, God has remained faithful.  Again and again He sends His Son to shine in our hearts and strengthen us through each day, even when we can’t always see His rays.

So today, when the weather is so grey and gloomy, I will try to focus on Jesus and His ever-warming love and healing power. 

Readers, wherever you are or whatever you are going through, I pray the love of Jesus will give you hope on Thanksgiving Day and forever.  May the Sun of righteousness fill your heart with light and peace!

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