Whatever You Say, Lord

Can you imagine an angel suddenly appearing in front of you?  Telling you something will happen to you that is so incomprehensible that no one on earth can ever understand it?

What a shock it must have been for Mary, the mother of Jesus!  She would be with child and give birth to a son while still a virgin.  What a mystery we will never be able to solve!  God would come down to be born as a vulnerable child dependent on his mother’s nurturing.

What would this illegitimate birth mean for Mary in the culture in which she lived?  Her father might have cast her out and forced her into begging. She would be scorned and could even be put to death, but God took care of all this and told Joseph to go ahead and marry her anyway.

Even married to Joseph, she would still be under suspicion.  It would be a difficult life where many people would cast blame on her.  Perhaps she even lost some friends because of it.

That didn’t matter to Mary.  Instead, she rejoiced in God her Savior.  She believed anything is possible with God, and she replied, “I am the Lord’s servant.  Be it unto me as You have said.”

Mary’s humble attitude amazes me.  She freely offered her body and soul to God, no matter what the consequences in her life.  It was more important to her to have God’s favor than any human’s favorable opinion.

I search my heart today and ask, “God, am I that available to You?  I’m afraid I haven’t given You my whole heart and life, both body and soul.  Make me open to whatever You have in mind for me in this life, no matter what.  I know the pain of slander, and I’m afraid I try to guard my heart too much.  Enable me to throw myself into Your hands with a childlike trust as Your servant, ready to do or be whatever You ask me to!”

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