Struggles Teach Us to Fly

No one is without struggles in this life, and sometimes it can get so wearisome that we wish we could just find an easy way out.  But easy isn’t better.
I struggle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and I often get bronchial infections.  Last week it was to the point that I ended up in the ER with a breathing treatment and IV fluids and meds.  I had picked up a stomach and a bronchial virus.  I felt so sick I asked Jesus to take me.  I was so weary of coughing and chest aches and pains.
One morning I read a devotion from Streams in the Desert.  A man observe an emperor moth emerge from its funnel-shaped cocoon.  As the moth struggled to squeeze through the small opening, the man felt sorry for it and thought he’d make it easier for the moth.  With a scissors he clipped the sides of the opening allowing the moth to slip out more easily.  The moth walked around with a big body and shriveled up wings, was never able to fly, and eventually died.
For that poor moth, easier was not better.  The tight squeeze pressures the fluid into a moth’s wings.  Without that struggle, the moth will never have the privilege of flying.
What an encouraging analogy from God’s creation!  The struggles in our lives are just tight squeezes that will prepare our wings.  The greater the struggle, the greater the energy in our wings to fly for Jesus. 
Jesus, there are so many in this world who struggle.  You know the plights of each and every person.  You know their weariness.  Strengthen each and every one with the energy juice of Your love so they can better fly for You and Your honor in this life.  All things are possible through You!  Thank You, Jesus, for your indescribable suffering in our place.

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