Hang On!

Do you see this woman desperately hanging on?  Fingers slipping… Body so weary and worn… What invisible force gives her the strength to cling on?

There are times we may feel like we can’t hang on anymore in life’s storms.  We may think:  Nobody can be going through what I’m going through…  Nobody can be feeling the way I do…  My pain is so deep!  No one cares.  No one understands.

I have learned there is ONE Who does know every single thing we go through – every hurt, every tear, every black despair that envelops us.  Jesus feels our pain and cries with us.  He has suffered more than all of us put together.  Yes, He cares.  Yes, He understands.  Yes, He deeply empathizes with us.

God has brought me through a dysfunctional childhood and sexual, spiritual, and emotional abuse from a minister.  Jesus washes my wounds again and again.  He gives me the strength to hang onto Him as my only HOPE.  Layer by layer He heals me, and one day I will be perfectly healed when He takes me to Himself where there is no more sin or suffering.

I also struggle with a chronic lung disease – chronic bronchitis, asthma, and bronchiectasis. It can be so overwhelming at times, and I get so weary, but I will hang onto my only HOPE, my Jesus Who has a reason for this, too.

Am I always upbeat and positive?  No, there are days when my body and soul are battered by life’s storms and I don’t think I can cling on any longer.  But through Jesus, my HOPE, there are some days where I do more than survive.  I can dance victoriously, thankful for all the many blessings I have.  And someday I will be a victory dancer forever with Jesus!

“Jesus, give us strength day by day to hang on to YOU! When we are weary, please carry us. When we are hurting, please hug us to Yourself and comfort us. We need you, Jesus! Without YOU, we will perish in the storms of life. Thank You, Jesus, for Your undying empathy and Your unfailing love!”

During what time in your life did you feel you couldn’t hang on any longer? 
What gave you hope?

2 thoughts on “Hang On!

  1. I’m there right now. Can’t pray. Can’t read my Bible. Can’t go to Church or any of that other good stuff we’re supposed to do. But I’m hanging on to the Cross. Hanging on to my Jesus. Though he slay me yet I will trust in Him. Love the image.


  2. So sorry you’re feeling so tossed about in the storms of life. Keep on hanging on. I’m so glad you can yet cry – “Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him.” Jesus hurts when we hurt. And even when you feel you can’t even pray anymore, He hears every groan and sigh of your soul. Praying He will hug you so close to His heart that You will hear the beating of His ever-faithful love!


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