Can We Give Up All for Jesus?

Last week I heard in a song, “I would give everything for You.”  At least that’s what I think I heard, but I can’t seem to find the song.  Anyway, it really got me to thinking.

Am I willing to give up everything for Jesus?  No matter what the cost?  Am I willing to follow Jesus with my WHOLE heart – with body, mind, and soul?  Or is it just in words?  If it comes to the real test, would I deny Jesus just to keep what I have or to keep from being persecuted?

I’m afraid.  I don’t trust myself.  In my self-centeredness, I often choose myself above Jesus.  I pray that God will give me a Christ-centered heart, that I will focus on Him and follow Him no matter what.  I pray that God will give me the strength to live and to write more earnestly for Jesus, not worrying about someone being upset with me or not agreeing with me. 

It’s only through Jesus alone that I can give up everything.  Jesus Who HAS given up everything for me, even His own life!  Through His sacrifice I hope I may learn more and more to truly give up my entire being and all that I have for Him.

I have not yet figured out what song I heard, but in the process of searching I found Love Song by Third Day

Love Song – Third Day from Kevin Porter on Vimeo.

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