Blind Hope

Dogs were my best friends when I grew up on a farm.  They loved me unconditionally and always seemed to know what I was feeling.

I still hold a special place in my heart for dogs.  When I recently found out about a book called Blind Hope: An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued by Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher, I knew I needed to read that book!  I was able to get it through library loan, and I was even more fascinated by it than I thought I’d be.

This book is an inspiring true story wherein Laurie learned deep spiritual lessons of true acceptance, unconditional trust, and authentic love from her ailing and blind Mia.

I’d like to share an episode from the book of when Laurie and Mia took a walk.  Mia would be fine as long as she listened and stayed near to Laurie’s footsteps, but sometimes Mia diverted to another path.  Once Mia realized Laurie was no longer next to her, she became hysterical and ran in circles.  Laurie’s calm voice was not enough to soothe her.  Laurie needed to bend down and hold her in her arms as she whispered, “You’re safe, my sweet girl.  It’s okay.”

Once at the height of frustration, Laurie wanted to shout, “How many times are you going to move away from me and then freak out because you think I have left you?  How many times will I have to walk back and scoop you up before you simply learn to walk with me?”  Then the truth pierced Laurie’s heart – “God has been asking me those same questions!”

Isn’t that exactly how it is in our lives?  We want to follow Jesus, but we often get sidetracked into our own way.  When we realize we have lost the presence of our Master, we become frantic.  We need Him so much!  Even though we can’t see Him, we need to keep following His footsteps.  Above all, we need to trust the Master is there for us even when we can’t see Him or feel Him.

Kim Meeder owns the Crystal Peak Youth Ranch, a place of hope for abused horses and children. Laurie Sacher is one of the staff there.  You can find a video of the book HERE.

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