All Creation Praises God

“I’m going out today to look for a robin,” I told my husband.  He saw his first robin further south as he was trucking, but I was still craving the sight of one.  So yesterday when the temps rose to the upper 50s, I just had to break free from my winter hibernation.

I looked from side to side as I drove, and I even pulled into a riverside park and walked around, listening, searching.  I heard a meadowlark but didn’t see him.  No robin.  I sighed and just soaked up the scenery.  Then my eyes focused on other signs of revival in nature.  Melting snow upriver caused the waters to flood from its sculptured edges, and a lone mallard duck glistened as he swam.  Without any fanfare, praising the God Who created him and gave him life.

I glanced up and spied a squirrel standing like a statute, probably wondering if I was safe or not.  His perked-up ears reminded me of how alert I should be for all the danger surrounding us today, pulling us in, especially how busy we can get caught up in activities and ignore what God has given in His creation to refresh our souls with His faithfulness.

I still had not spied my first robin for this year.  I went ahead and did a bit of shopping, ever vigilant for its sight and sound.  I stopped at the bank drive-through and asked the gal, “Have you seen a robin yet?”  Nope.  Oh well, I guess I might as well head home and hope I see one soon.  I thought how cool it would be if I still saw one before I got home.  I even prayed, “God, will You please show me a robin?”  Then I scolded myself for making such an insignificant request.

About four blocks from home, there he was standing under a bare-branched tree on someone’s lawn.  Giddy with excitement, I squealed, “Thank You, God!”  I wiggled a little dance at the steering wheel of my van and sighed with gratitude. 

I saw my first robin yesterday.  I didn’t get his picture taken, but he is in the photo memories of my mind under “All Creation Praises God.”

What signs of spring refresh your soul?

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