The Tomb Is Empty!

God often uses a little child to teach us deep spiritual truths.  I have heard a story of a 9-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome who taught a valuable lesson to a Sunday school class, including the teacher. 

The teacher made certain Philip was treated like everyone else, but some children still left him out because he was different.

A week before Easter, the teacher said, “I have a plastic egg for each of you.  Find something that reminds you of life.  Put it inside your egg, and bring it back next week.”
The next week the teacher gathered together all the eggs.  One by one, he opened the eggs and found a flower, a blade of grass, a butterfly, and even a stone.  Then he opened one that was empty. 

“Someone did it wrong,” said some children.

As the teacher stared at the empty egg, a hand tugged his shirt.

“I didn’t do it wrong,” said Philip. “The tomb is empty!”

The teacher used this empty egg as an illustration of the Easter message.  After that, all the children wanted to be Philip’s friend.

From the mouth of babes, God perfects praise.  God taught a little child the deep truth of Easter.  May God give each of us the simple, childlike faith!

Because the tomb is empty, we may have life!  Because Jesus has risen from the dead, we have been forever freed from death, sin, and hell!

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