Life is Full of Surprises

Life is full of surprises. We never know what is around the corner, do we?

Only seconds after I posted last week, I received a phone call from my husband’s workplace. “Your husband has been in an accident.”

My breathing froze as my heart thundered to my head. I pictured a mangled body and a smashed up truck until the man burst out, “But don’t worry. He is ok except for his arm.”

Whew! My husband took a tumble from the back of his truck trailer and ended up with a badly broken arm that required surgery and a plate. Though bad, we thank God it wasn’t worse.

Next week we plan to travel to a pulmonary specialist for some appointments to get a second opinion concerning my chronic lung condition.

Life is overwhelming right now, but we will make it. God remains faithful and He will carry us through whatever comes our way.

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