God’s Love Outweighs Our Troubles

A woman afflicted with brain cancer lies in a hospital bed. She smiles and holds two thumbs up. How can she possibly do that?

As long as we are on this earth, chronic or terminal illnesses will refuse to retreat, difficulties with family or friends will still induce pain, and losses will continue to cause heart-rending grief.

How can we possibly go through these dark valleys? How can we possibly give our burdens over into God’s hands? How can we possibly give God a two-thumbs up when circumstances around us “feel” like He has deserted us?

It’s about faith and trust. Do we believe we have a heavenly Father Who loves us so much that He only has our best interests at heart? Do we trust that God always has a plan to prosper us and not to harm us? That no matter what happens, He will always carry us through? Do we believe and trust that God will never allow anything to happen to us unless it is for our eternal welfare and our spiritual growth in Him?

Think of a balancing scale with burdens on one side and hope on the other. We are prone to fill up the BURDENS’ tray first. Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Down to where the tray hits the bottom of gloom and doom. But wait… Let’s not forget the HOPE side. Cast in the everlasting love, endless compassion, and faithfulness of a heavenly Father Who has said, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31) Sproing! And flip! There go the burdens.

Our troubles are nothing compared to the weight of God’s matchless, unconditional love – a love that knows what’s best for us and will always carry us through the tough spots. Two-Thumbs-Up to God! He knows what He is doing.

Soon the darkness will give way to morning light. “Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” (II Corinthians 4:17) Josh Wilson sings of this promise in “Before the Morning” – “Cause the pain that you’ve been feeling, it can’t compare to the joy that’s coming…”

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