Suffering Does Not Mean God Doesn’t Care

care bear

“God loves you. Above all, don’t equate your suffering with how God feels about you.”

It’s easy to think God must be against us when we suffer, isn’t it? This sentiment encouraged me today, and I hope it will encourage you. This is written in a devotion by Rachel Olsen – “What It Takes to Struggle with Something Hard.

In a free resource by Renee Swope, she gives us Promises to Personalize. Insert your name in place of the blanks, and remember these promises are for YOU.

4 thoughts on “Suffering Does Not Mean God Doesn’t Care

  1. yeah it has been a very difficult time for me, and i dont understand a lot but your post was very timely since i dont really know what i am supposed to do next. i guess i gotta go through with it.


    1. I’m so sorry you’re going through a difficult time, Alli. Sometimes it’s so hard to feel that God cares, but He truly does. I love the example of a weaving. We sometimes see only the back side, and we can’t make sense out of the tangled threads. But God already knows the front side of the weaving of our lives. He knows the bigger picture that we cannot yet see, but in the end we will see how all the difficult times in our lives work together for good. I wish you strength for each day and light for the way, Alli!


  2. It’s nice to see you back, Trudy.

    Anyone of need of inspiration should read ‘FULL OF HEART’ by J.R. Martinez. He is an example of how unexpected tragedy can turn into a new and happy life. I saw him on television, and I think I could listen to him speak all day. He is an amazing, courageous man whom God is using to do great things with his life.

    Take care everyone.



    1. Thanks, Dee. Also for sharing this new inspirational book! I looked it up on Amazon, and it sounds amazing. I have a copy on hold at the library, but I have to wait as I’m 9th in line. Isn’t it awesome how God takes a painful trial and turns it to our good and the good of those around us?!

      Once I get a Recommended Books’ page set up, I’ll add this to it.

      I hope you will continue to share, Dee. You have always been great at finding inspirational resources and giving out encouragement. 🙂


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