You Are Lovable and Capable

Do you feel you are worth being loved? That you were created with unique capabilities? Each of us was born with an IALAC sign – I Am Lovable And Capable. Dr. Sidney B. Simon, a professor of education, created this acronym to encourage children to value themselves. When I first found the IALAC acronym, I was baffled. What?! I am lovable… Continue reading You Are Lovable and Capable

Acceptance and Unconditional Love

Every single one of us in this world has an inner longing to feel accepted and to be loved unconditionally. Every single one of us wants to believe “I Am Lovable and Capable.” But it’s so difficult sometimes, isn’t it? The negative thoughts that tell us we don’t measure up and we’re good-for-nothings can hammer… Continue reading Acceptance and Unconditional Love