The Voice of Truth Can and Will Restore Our Lost Voices

voice of truth

Panic roared through my veins as the anesthesia was hooked up. Jumbled thoughts clouded my mind as I thought, “They have my life in their hands now. No, no, no! God has my life in His hands always…”

Then lights out until I woke up in recovery. It’s such a weird feeling, isn’t it? How it seems like only seconds went by?

My ENT doctor cut out a hard white spot from my voice box. She said it didn’t look cancerous, but she’s sending it up.

I often lose my voice with this chronic illness, because harsh coughing aggravates and inflames my voice box. But the worse part of all this are the memory triggers of when my abuser took away my voice.

My brother (he and my sister were also abused by a pastor) said he is coming to understand that our abusers didn’t really take our voice away, but they convinced us they did. This has really caused me to reflect. God gave us a voice that no one can ever take away, no matter how much our abusers convinced us of this. They may have silenced it and squashed it down to an inky black darkness. But even though it’s buried deep, God can resurrect it because He is the one who gave it to us.

Sometimes our voice gets caught in a maze of lies. Lies that we have no voice at all. That our voice has been taken away. That God can never restore it.

But God can and will restore our voices with His immovable, faithful voice of Truth. He can bring our voices out into the light again and restore them to even stronger than before because of what we went through.

“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’
declares the Lord, ‘because you are called an outcast,
Zion for whom no one cares.’” Jeremiah 30:17

“You will be rebuilt; I will restore all your ruins!”
Isaiah 44:26c

“He will redeem them from oppression and violence,
for their lives are precious to Him.”
Psalm 72:14

Praying God will restore our broken voices
and make them even stronger so we can freely praise Him!


21 Days of Rest: Finding Spiritual Whitespace

A Soft Gentle Voice

The Savior Was Broken to Heal Broken Hearts


A Broken Heart Cries

Help me, Jesus,
I still feel so broken.
You were broken so I can be healed,
So why can’t I “feel” that?
Why am I so depressed?
Why am I so hard on myself?
Why do I condemn myself
When You don’t condemn me?
Why do I demand so much of myself
When You have already paid the full price?
Why can’t I live life
Fully and joyfully in You?
I believe in Your all-sufficient grace,
Powerful to push through my resistance,
Powerful to break down my false foundations,
Powerful to crash open the walls
Around my distrusting heart.
O precious Savior,
I believe You gave Yourself
To be broken
To heal our brokenness.
I don’t doubt Your power to heal,
But will You heal me, Lord?
Lord, I believe,
Help my unbelief.

” He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds
[curing their pains and their sorrows].”
Psalm 147:3 AMP

jesus carrying woman

The Savior Whispers

My precious child,
How long will you condemn yourself?
I was broken for you
To take away condemnation.
I love you so much
I died for you.
Yes, for you, too.
Because I was broken,
There is healing
For broken ones.
Because I was broken,
The full price is already paid.
You don’t have to keep paying
By beating up yourself.
I desire repentance
Not self-loathing.
You are Mine,
My beloved child,
Chosen, redeemed, cherished.
It saddens Me
When you don’t trust
My sacrifice to be enough,
My love to be full and free.
So many times in your life
I have picked you up
Bruised and bleeding
And given you courage
To walk again.
Will you not trust Me,
My child?
Take My hand, My child,
And let Me show you
The wonders of My love
My all-sufficient grace
My all-encompassing love
My all-powerful healing.
Focus not on whether
Your faith is lacking.
It’s not faith that saves you.
Focus on Me,
The object of Your faith,
Your only Savior.
I Am the Way
The Truth
The Life.
I will break down
Your false foundations,
Your walls,
Your resistance.
I will break down your will
To mold you to My will.
The journey will not be easy,
But I will be with you always
As you learn
Step by step
To trust
In Me alone.

Am I Worth Dying For?

Are you broken, bruised, and bleeding?
There is a Savior who was broken for you.
Because of His sacrifice, You can be healed.
The road may be rough,
But He is beside you always,
Because you are precious in His sight.


Joining Faith Barista’s Writing Prompt:

Search for Significance


“God doesn’t really care about me. I’m unlovable and worthless. If people really knew me, they wouldn’t like me.” Do you ever feel like this? Do you feel alone and unloved?

Whether or not we are aware of it, we all search for significance in this life. We want to believe our lives have value and purpose. We want to believe someone loves us and cares about us.

I am reading Robert S. McGee’s The Search for Significance, and I’d like to share with you some truths he shares:

  • Those hopeless thoughts I started out this post with are misperceptions. If we feel this way, we need God’s light to penetrate our deepest beliefs about ourselves.
  • We will never find lasting, fulfilling peace if we continually try to prove ourselves to others.
  • “Christ’s death is the most overwhelming evidence of God’s love for us.”
  • If our worth is based on the fickle approval of others, our behavior will reflect insecurity, fear, and anger. But if our worth is solidly based on God’s truths, we will reflect His love, grace, and power.
  • “Christ is the source of our security; Christ is the basis of our worth; Christ is the only one who promises and never fails.”
  • We are totally accepted by God (Colossians 1:21-22) and deeply loved by God (I John 4:9-10).
  • Satan shackles us with misperceptions of our worth to keep us from experiencing the love, freedom, and purposes of Christ.
  • Our fear of failure robs us of the joy and peace our salvation is meant to bring.
  • Avoiding risks limits our creativity and service to God.
  • In His great love, God allows us to experience seemingly negative circumstances so we can learn valuable, life-changing truths.
  • “As we grow in our understanding of His (God’s) unconditional love and acceptance, we will be better able to grasp that His discipline is prompted by care, not cruelty.”
  • “Many misguided preachers have used rejection and guilt as a forceful means of motivation. They expound upon our weaknesses, our failures, our unworthiness, and our inability to measure up to Christ’s high standards. Not only is our performance declared unworthy, but we are left feeling denounced, devalued, and devastated. As a result, thousands who have been broken by this rejection have left the church without understanding Christ’s accepting, unconditional love, a love that never uses condemnation to correct behavior.”
  • Dependence on others for value and approval will only bring bondage, but abiding in Christ’s love and acceptance brings freedom.
  • “Healthy relationships encourage individuality rather than conformity…”

I have read six chapters, and this list of truths is by no means exhausted. Further chapters include:

  • The Blame Game
  • God’s Answer: Propitiation
  • Shame
  • God’s Answer: Regeneration
  • Agent of Change
  • Guilt Versus Conviction
  • The Trip In

After I finish this book, I hope to further challenge myself with The Search for Significance Devotional Journal: A 60-day Journey to Discovering Your True Worth. It’s not always easy for us to search into our hearts and be honest with ourselves, but as Robert S. McGee writes, “The Lord desires truth and honesty at the deepest level and wants us to experience His love, forgiveness, and power in all areas of our lives.”

It’s an ongoing process of discovery, and I still sometimes feel so worthless and unlovable. I have to continually remind myself that those negative voices are not true. I have to purposely focus on what God says is true. What is true? “God is love.” (I John 4:16) What people have said or done to us does not define us, no matter how deeply it has rooted itself into our hearts. God does care, and we are worth loving.