Summer Break Time

Dear Readers, I’m feeling the need to unplug again this summer. It’s time to take a step back to renew, replenish, and refocus my body, mind, and soul. I’m not certain yet how long, whether 1, 2, or 3 months. I may write a post once in a while, but only if I feel the…… Continue reading Summer Break Time

Longing For a Heart of Love Like Jesus

“All those people goin’ somewhere Why have I never cared?” Brandon Heath sings and asks himself this as he breathes in the confusion and chaos of people in this world and as he longs to have the eyes and heart of Jesus. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives and our…… Continue reading Longing For a Heart of Love Like Jesus

Lessons From a Sea Turtle

Keep Following the True Light When sea turtles hatch and dig their way out of the sand, they follow the light of the moon over the ocean, their home. Sometimes when clouds cover the light of the moon or there are too many beachfront artificial lights, they get disoriented. Recently in a movie, I saw…… Continue reading Lessons From a Sea Turtle