September Hope Whispers


He Giveth More Grace

by Annie Johnson Flint

“He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater,
He sendeth more strength when the labors increase;
To added afflictions He addeth His mercy,
To multiplied trials, His multiplied peace.

When we have exhausted our store of endurance,
When our strength has failed ere the day is half done,
When we reach the end of our hoarded resources
Our Father’s full giving is only begun.

Fear not that thy need shall exceed His provision,
Our God ever yearns His resources to share;
Lean hard on the arm everlasting, availing;
The Father both thee and thy load will upbear.

His love has no limits, His grace has no measure,
His power no boundary known unto men;
For out of His infinite riches in Jesus
He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again.”

~ More of Her Poems  ~

Free Hope Resource

Joy Lenton offers a free gift, an ebook to help us rise up to face life’s challenges:

“This book is for you if you’re feeling drained, depleted or discouraged. And for all who need a supportive word or inspiring thought to help bring hope and encouragement back to their heart. These words will remind you that you are more courageous than you realise, you are not alone in your struggles, and you’re stronger than you know.”

Soul Shots: 31 Days of Pocket Wisdom for Your Hurting Heart

I love this mural at the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls.
Created by THE KIND WAY
“Constant kindness can accomplish much.
As the sun makes ice melt,
kindness causes misunderstanding,
mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.”
Albert Schweitzer

Nature is a Retreat of Hope

“Any glimpse into the life
of an animal quickens our own
and makes it so much the larger
and better in every way.”
John Muir

Thank you to my brother John
for these 
stunning photos.
🙂 Also for the interesting facts. 🙂

(Please respect copyright laws.)

The American Dipper can walk on the bottom of streams or dive for insects, etc.
Notice the American Dipper’s white eyelids? It is equipped with a third eyelid membrane for underwater, but the upper eyelid is covered with white feathers visible when it blinks.
“Who goes there?” wonders the coyote.
He is barking at my brother because his den or a kill must be nearby.
This juvenile Northern Jacana showed up near where my brother lives. It is only spotted in Arizona about once every 10 years. It usually lives in Mexico and central America. I hope he finds his way back home!
The Northern Jacana has the largest feet of any bird in proportion to its body size. It is sometimes called “The Jesus Bird” because it appears to walk on water when walking on lily pads and other floating vegetation.
Isn’t it beautiful how the yellow shows up when he’s flying? Another interesting fact is that the male builds the nest and incubates the eggs.

I’ve been trying to put less pressure on myself to post every week. So since my husband is taking some time off work, I want to free up some of my time. I hope to be back on either the 13th or 20th of October. One step at a time, right? 🙂

A Prostitute’s Plea

Jesus Cares

“Three things will last forever —
faith, hope, and love —
and the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT

When I was sexually, spiritually, and emotionally abused by a pastor, I was talked about and treated as a “whore” by some people. Some said I led the “poor man of God” astray. I believed them and began to identify myself by their words. I was trash. Not even 100 showers a day could ever wash away the filth I felt.

Sometimes we are so ready to judge others when we don’t even know what lies in their hearts. I was never even asked my story. The elders never recognized all the signs and proof of abuse. But to be fair, at that time I felt and said I was totally to blame. Since I had recently become a member, I had to make my confession of guilt in front of the congregation.

Because of my experience, I feel a deep compassion for prostitutes. I know in my heart there is always a deeper story we don’t know.

Did you know that most prostitutes have a history of sexual abuse in their childhood? And the perpetrators are often family members? And this also happens in church communities? Did you know that many are victims of sex trafficking and are coerced or deceived into prostitution? Their minds and wills broken down so badly that they believe they’re not good for anything else?

Perpetrators stalk and prey on the lost, lonely, and vulnerable. So many prostitutes have never learned what real love is. They don’t see themselves as beautiful creations of God, because no one has ever told them. They feel unloved, uncared for, and forgotten.

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody,
I think that is a much greater hunger,
a much greater poverty than
the person who has nothing to eat.”
~ Mother Teresa

Recently my niece, who also feels a deep compassion, shared a poem/song she created from a prostitute’s perspective. It deeply touched me. I know what it’s like to feel alone and “stone cold” so as to shut off emotions. To be controlled like a puppet on strings. To feel in the midst of a “living hell” with no hope of ever getting out.

My niece, Shelley Marie, releases her emotions in songs that come into her heart. Like myself, it hurts her when someone says something bad about prostitutes. She has graciously given me permission to share her poem/song with you.


A Prostitute’s Plea

I sell my body for a dime
I’ve never heard a nursery rhyme
And if you can’t see my hurt I’ll never tell
Ya, that my life is like a living’ hell

I paint a smile on my face
And I can give you what it takes
And you’ll go on and brag about yourself
And you don’t know my life is a living’ hell

So, Please remember me someday
When all your lust fades away
And you’re contemplating where your life has gone
I once was just a little girl
Like the one you hug and give a twirl
The one who calls you Daddy when you get home
Please think of me with kindness in your soul

I never had a soul who cared
No one to hold me when I was scared
My heart is just about as cold as stone
And you don’t know how much I feel alone

I’ll act the way you want me to
‘Cause that’s all I know what to do
And there’s no part of me I call my own
And life is hell when you’re someones else’s pawn

So, Please remember me someday
When all your lust fades away
And you’re contemplating where your life has gone
I once was just a little girl
Like the one you hug and give a twirl
The one who calls you Daddy when you get home
Please think of me with kindness in your soul

 © Shelley Marie

A Child's Trust
 “Broken Girl”
by Matthew West


Lord Jesus, thank You so much for allowing Yourself to be broken so we can be made whole. For Your love and grace that can create beauty out of the ashes of our lives. Please give us open minds and hearts to all who are hurting. Help us to be gentle, loving, and compassionate. Not harsh, judgmental, and condemning. Please remember victims everywhere. You can see into every heart and You always know the true story. Please shine the power of Your healing love into their hearts and give them the strength and courage to break free from the chains of shame, insecurity, and fear. Give those who are still in physical and mind bondage the help and the power to get out of those situations. Give us prayerful hearts for them and the courage to do whatever we can. Lord, I believe in the power of Your love and grace! Please help!

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