When We Lose a Young Life and We Ask God Why

“Why, Lord?” Why did You take such a young life away? One who could have continued to be a living witness of Your love?”

As my heart cried, this verse was God’s answer:

“You don’t understand now
what I am doing,
but someday you will.”

John 13:7

A couple of hours later, I found out our grandson, Kaden, had shared that same verse on Instagram.

It only takes a moment for life to drastically change. It was a heartbreaking week for many in our area last week. One evening a teen hit a patch of ice on the road, over-corrected, and rolled down an embankment, hitting a tree. His young life here ended. Only 15 years old. His 16-year-old friend is still in critical condition.

Both teens were in the same youth group as our grandson. Both lived out their faith.

Barry, the one who lost his life, is the only child his parents had. He will be remembered as someone who wanted nothing more than for others to feel welcomed, loved, and noticed.

Tad, the one who is critically injured, is Kaden’s close friend. They have played basketball together for several years. He did come off life support, but he remains in a coma from brain injuries. His body jerks and convulses, but he doesn’t respond.

Tad was 5 when his family immigrated from somewhere in Africa. Kaden said Tad gives whatever money he earns to help out his parents. He lives life passionately. His basketball coach said that last summer Tad missed some basketball practices, because he chose to go to a church camp instead. Even though he loves basketball, Tad says Jesus is still more important.

It’s so heartbreaking, isn’t it? Life is short. We never know what tomorrow will bring. We are but a mist that appears a moment and then vanishes the next.

We don’t understand why now, but someday God will give us light to understand, if not here, then hereafter.

Please pray for Barry’s and Tad’s devastated friends and families. And please pray Tad’s brain will completely heal. Thank you.

If you would like us to pray for a loss or heartache you have, feel free to share in the comments or you can email me in person. I know it’s hard to fix our eyes on Jesus in times when it feels like we’re drowning in grief, but Jesus knows what we’re going through. He cares so deeply and weeps with us. And someday there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain.

“Jesus wept.”
John 11:35
He will wipe every tear from their eyes,
and there will be no more death
or sorrow or crying or pain.
All these things are gone forever

Revelations 21:4

There Will Be a Day
by Jeremy Camp

“…But I hold on to this hope and the promise that He brings
That there will be a place with no more suffering
There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears
There will be a day when the burdens of this place,
Will be no more, we’ll see Jesus face to face
But until that day, we’ll hold on to you always…”

Cries for Children Who Are Abused


“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;
ensure justice for those being crushed.”
Proverbs 31:8

I want to scream and wail until the whole world hears. For the children who are trapped in abuse. At home. From people they came to know and trust. From sex traffickers.

As I write this, last night’s news is still haunting me. The fire chief in our city, one who is supposed to be an advocate for public safety, is secretly a viewer of child porn. People who knew him say he was such a “nice man.”

Have you been or are you abused? Jesus weeps with you and for you!

A psychologist discussed this rising horrendous crime in our nation with a reporter. She said many who watch child porn seem “nice” in public, but in their secret life they have a lack of empathy for children who are victims. Some have said, “They’re just pictures.”

No! They are NOT just pictures. Each child in the picture is a precious child created by God. A child who deserves to be loved, valued, and respected. NOT neglected. NOT abused. NOT exploited. Their voices need to be nurtured, not crushed.

Every child deserves to be loved, valued, and respected.

Why, God, why? I know children are precious to You. Why don’t You stop all this evil that victimizes them? Why don’t You keep all children safe?

It’s so hard to understand, but I have learned it’s not God who wants this to happen. Yes, He could stop it in a heartbeat. But we humans were given a choice to choose. And devastatingly, some are choosing the evil and abusing and exploiting children.

Oh God, please help!

“For Those Who Can’t Speak”
by Tenth Avenue North

“I see the glory of the Lord every time the sun rises
I hear the unheard screams of a broken heart
Because every day a son dies
27 million slaves but no plantation
27 million slaves, all different races
This is not the picture the Lord painted in Genesis

Silence is our enemy, our voices can end it
I have dreamed of a kingdom coming where
Evil drowns in mercy streams
I want to see those rivers of justice
So I use my voice for those who can’t speak
I will use my voice for those who can’t speak

Yeah, yeah, when it’s all said and done
Yeah, I pray that everything we said is done
I don’t want my son to say I was one of the ones
That watched 27 million suffer and never say
No, no, I won’t be that
I don’t deserve a mic if I ain’t got no feedback
Bring back every girl from the west to the east that
He crafted for His glory, not for making you green backs

I dream that
Every ounce of brokenness and disease that
Bring that to the cross, believe that He redeems that
Sees that type of world that my daughters can breathe in
Where the beautiful feet that go where the needs at

Come on, come on
Oh, none of here are just a number
We all have a name like any other
There’s breath inside your lungs
And you are my brother
My God, when will we stand
Stand together

I want to be the kingdom coming where
Evil drowns in mercy streams
Oh, let me see those rivers of justice
So I use my voice for those who can’t speak
I will use my voice for those who can’t speak
I use my voice for those who can’t speak”

If you think you have seen a missing child,
or suspect a child may be sexually exploited,
contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jesus Weeps For You


“Jesus wept.” Two little words. But oh, such depths of significance!

Jesus wept with Mary and Martha. The heavy grief in their hearts over the loss of their brother pierced His compassionate heart. He wept with them. He wept for them. He wept with deep anguish in His soul.

And Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He still weeps. He weeps for you, my friend. Whatever trial storms through your life or your heart, Jesus hears every heartbeat of anguish and fear. He wails with sorrow and bottomless compassion. No one knows more than Him how you are feeling, because He has been to hell and back Himself.

“God has a heart. And it hurts. Not with just a few drops of ache, not just with a slow drip of sadness — His whole massive heart fills, swells, burns with this raw, relentless pain.” ~ Ann Voskamp

I feel moved to leave you this week with these few words. May you ponder those two words – Jesus wept – and remember He still weeps today for you.

May the weeping of Jesus
impact your heart and your life!
Yes! He does care, oh so much!



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