Anguished Tunes Turn to Hope-Filled Melodies

hopesun Do you have days when your heart weighs you down in sadness, and you try and try to cling to the promises, but gloom just keeps threatening to swallow you whole? You try to concentrate on all your blessings, but a disappointment or an unmet longing steals your joy? You are not alone. Even the Psalmists sometimes started out with loss of hope, crying out to the Lord from a sinking pit of desperate need. And many prophets dealt with gloom and doom like Micah in chapter 7. Their writings overflow with tunes of anguished tears, but then a melody of hope rings through. They will still hope. They will still wait. They will still believe in a Savior who redeems, revives, and restores.

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for my Savior; my God will hear me.” (Micah 7:7)

Crying From the Depths

Gloom Dark despair
Seeping into our hearts
Snuffing out Any light Of hope.

No reviving to life
No rescue in sight
No receiving of light.

Lies thrashing us
Like thorny whips
Slashing away hope,
Nobody cares about you
Even if they act like it,
God doesn’t really care
Even if He says He does,
You are not worth it
Even if God says you are.

Where are You, God?
Do You not care? Do You not see?
Do You not know?

O God, please
Rescue me from this pit
Of inky gloom
Of drooping despair
Of extinguished joy.

I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to die.

YET I will hang on
YET I will watch for You
YET I will wait for You.

I will open my heart
And remember
Past mercies, so evident
Present gifts, so loving
Future glory, so sure.

A Child's Trust

God Whispers

Cling to Me, My Child
Don’t let Satan
And his lies
Snuff out
The light of hope
Within you.

Hang on to My hand
I will never reject you
I will never betray you
I will never leave you.

Open your heart
Believe and receive
The blood I shed
Also for you.
Let it wash you
And make you whole.

And remember
I am not dead,
I am alive.
Chains of death cannot keep me,
Graves of darkness cannot hold me,
Mountains of doubts cannot stop Me.

Yesterday and today
Forever you are
My chosen, so priceless
My beloved, so treasured
My redeemed, paid in full.

Sometimes I keep silent
To give you growth
To strengthen your trust
To deepen your love.

Hold on
Even in the dark,
I am still here
Right beside you,
Reach out your hand,
Slip it into Mine
And never let go.

If strength fails
And you can’t hold on,
Do not fear.
I have you
In My Grip
So passionate
So powerful
So protective.
You can never
Sink away
From My sight
From My grace
From My love.


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