Each Child: A Divine Masterpiece

Whatcha doin, Brady?” I smiled as my grandson sorted through an ice-cream pail full of homemade chocolate chip cookies. “Lookin for a big un!” he said.

Chocolate chip cookies are a must around my kids and grandkids, and I love to watch them come in and head for the freezer. Some of them like them that way, and some of them microwave them so they taste like fresh-baked. It’s so fun to watch them (sometimes even the “grown-up” kids) search for the bigger ones or the ones with more chocolate chips.

This past Sunday two of my grandsons spread peanut butter on top of them while a grand-daughter dipped hers in milk. So today I made a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies along with a batch of my usual recipe I’m told not to digress from. 🙂 They probably won’t go for it though, because my traditional ones turned out much bigger… 🙂

Precious moments! That’s what my husband and I call them. The joys of watching our kids and now our grandkids grow and enjoy life. One of our favorite pasttimes is to watch them all interact with eachother. And with cookies, etc. 🙂

When I see my fifteen grandchildren and their individual personalities, I marvel at how God created each one with special gifts and mannerisms. How can there be so many unique creations?

And yet, fifteen is only a grain of sand in the sea compared to all the children God has created. Each one created as a Divine masterpiece, an exquisite work of art from the moment they are conceived as a seed in the womb. Yes, we are so blessed to have our own extra-special children and grandchildren who brighten our lives with so many precious memories, but I passionately believe that each and every child in this world is a blessing and a priceless legacy. Each child is a gift God desires we cherish more than the finest jewel on earth. Each one is a special seed God wants us to love and nurture into a blossoming flower.

Amy Grant‘s song – The Children of the World – imparts an awesome message of carrying on for the children of the world:

“For the children of the world

Every single little boy and girl

Heaven plants a special seed

And we must have faith for these

Red and yellow, black and white

They are precious in the Father’s eyes

Like the Father may we see that they have a destiny

And give them the light of love to lead

Through the darkness around us now

To a place where hope is found.”


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