Just Rest In the Tender Loving Care of a Compassionate Savior


I am overwhelmed lately, and I’m discovering I don’t give myself permission to rest. To rest in the arms of the tender loving care of my Maker. To rest in His plans for my life. To roll all burdens – physical, emotional, spiritual – at the feet of my Savior.

In March I had a bad flare-up of sarcoidosis, and ever since then I’m having a tough time getting on top of infections. Right now I’m battling another one. I’m getting stronger again each day and am so grateful every day hasn’t been like Sunday when nausea settled in and I felt like I was being smothered by a heavy blanket. I lay in bed, and I cried out to God…

“God, please, I can’t take this anymore. Just let me go to You.”

And He whispered, “Did you not ask to be molded more into My image?”

“But why this way, Lord? Can’t You just teach me without this chronic illness?”

And He whispered, “You don’t need to understand. You just need to hold My hand. I am with you.”

That tender whisper of love saying “Believe you are loved, cherished, and valuable. Believe you are worth My tender loving care. Believe I will tenderly uphold you through every trouble, pain, and confusion in life.”

When sickness overwhelms me, I need rest.

When emotions of “never enough” attack me, I need rest.

When distrust consumes me, I need rest.

And He whispers, “Just rest, My precious child. Allow yourself to trust Me and relax in My protecting arms. Burrow yourself against My strong shoulder. Listen to the steady beat of My faithful love for you. I care so deeply about you. I will never leave you or forsake you. There will be troubles, yes, but I will carry you through them.”

Just rest…

Praying for rest for your soul,


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11 thoughts on “Just Rest In the Tender Loving Care of a Compassionate Savior

  1. Trudy,
    Oh….what a tender post…so sorry you are in pain but I’m glad you sense God’s care and I pray you can rest physically and emotionally…it is okay…thanks for introducing yourself at my blog.


    1. Thank you, Dolly. You were one ahead of me at Holley’s Coffee for the Heart. I was glad I read your post. I’m still telling myself that this sickness does not mean God has put a period on the usefulness of my life. It’s just a comma, and His story in my life will continue, no matter what. Thank you for blessing me today and seeking me out. 💗


  2. Hey sweet sister — thanks for sharing!

    When I was reading your story a book came to mind… have you heard of Tim Hansel? Specifically his book “You Gotta Keep Dancin'” ? He deals with chronic pain from a mountain climbing accident and God has just really blessed my family through that book. It’s one of my mom’s life books that she said she re-read every pregnancy when dealing with fear and the inevitable intense pain (I am the oldest girl of nine kids).

    Anyway, just in case that was the Spirit prompting me, I wanted to let you know about it!



    1. I’m so glad you answered the nudge of the Spirit. I was just reading some excerpts on Amazon, and it’s definitely a book I need. 🙂 I just ordered it. Thank you so much, Elise, and God bless you. 💗


  3. “Just rest.” I pray you’re able to do that, Trudy. I’m so sorry for your physical challenges being so many and so strong. 😦 Praying for you, friend, and for many others that I know who suffer with chronic illnesses and pain.

    I read Hansel’s “You Gotta Keep Dancing” too and loved it. I’m glad you ordered it!


  4. Trudy, I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. 😦
    You amaze me with your words! I look forward to seeing you link up each week with Bonnie. 🙂
    Reading your story reminded me of the last time my anxiety/panic attacks were flaring and I was trying to figure out what I could do to make them stop. He asked me to trust Him.
    I will be praying for you!
    Sending ((HUGS))) to you tonight.
    Be blessed!!!!



    1. Thank you, Krista. I look forward to reading yours each week as well. I’m giving myself permission this week not to try to comment on them all. I need to step back and rest from all the turmoil in my body, heart, and brain. I did read yours – that “the heavy chains clanking around me are my anxiety/panic issues.” I admire your courage to step out in spite of it all. Yes, TRUST in HIM is such a beautiful, longed-for attitude. Praying for you, too! HUGS back, dear friend. God bless you! 💗


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