Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus


A Troubled Heart Cries

My body aches and is so weary, Lord

Coughing wracks my ribs

Waking me in the night

Brain fog muffles my thinking

I’m so tired of being tired, Lord

My heart is discouraged

Because of unanswered prayers

For those I hold dear

Unmet longings

Leave empty aches

And my heart is sad

Because of my doubting

Your mercy and faithfulness

I’m weary in body and soul

I want to go to You forever

But it isn’t yet Your time for me

My story is not yet finished

I want to trust You, Lord

I know I can pour out my heart to You always

But please help me to focus my eyes

On what You have suffered for me, Lord

Oh, so incomprehensibly more

Than anyone else has ever suffered

What humiliation and degradation

What rejection and abandonment

What pain as the whip lashed Your back

And the reed slammed the thorns into Your head

What agony as Your flesh stretched

From the nails of the cross

So alone and forsaken

Angry, accusing, mocking words

Pierced the heart of Your soul

Yet no matter how filled You were

With inexpressible anguish

And extreme fatigue

You suffered with joy

Of what You would gain for us

Your heart overflowing with love

For sinners like me

Thank You, Precious Jesus!


Yes, My precious child

Pour out your troubled heart

But fix your eyes upon Me

For the joy set before Me

I endured the cross

Scorning its shame

Out of love for your soul

Consider Me who endured

Such opposition

From evil men

So that You will not

Grow weary

And lose heart

Do not be discouraged

Because of grief here on earth

Trials are meant to mold You

More into My image

So that you also can

Love others as I love you

Fix your eyes upon Me

My precious child

As I hold your hand

and lead you in this life

And when you are too weary to walk

I will carry you

Gently and lovingly

Be strong and courageous

Your story here is

Not yet finished

I am writing it

So be assured

All that’s broken

Will surely become beautiful

And will glorify Me

Your ever-faithful

Your deeply loving

Savior and Friend.

Can We Give Up All for Jesus?

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus,
the Author and Finisher of our faith,
who for the joy set before Him endured the cross,
scorning its shame, and sat down
at the right hand of the throne of God.
Consider Him who endured
such opposition from sinful men,
so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.”

~ Hebrews 12:2-3


“Blessings” by Laura Story

May we fix our eyes on Jesus
and His suffering for us!
Oh, how He loves us!



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16 thoughts on “Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

  1. Dear Trudy, this prayer felt almost too personal to ‘like’ or comment on. My heart aches for you, sister in suffering. There are times when we feel too weak and weary to want to go on. And yet… Jesus answers; Jesus cares: Jesus shows us His wonderful grace and love, His all-sufficiency for every situation we are in.

    May you be lifted and encouraged as you rest in His tender embrace. Praying for a deeper measure of physical healing and renewed hope to keep on fighting the fight of faith. And as you sink restful into Him, may God reveal His overcoming victory for the battles you are facing.. Sending sympathy, blessings, gentle ((Hugs)) and love to you. xox


    1. Thank you for all your empathy, encouragement, and love, Joy. You are a dear online friend and truly a kindred spirit. Yes, Jesus cares and is so all-sufficient for every situation we are in. We could never live without His wonderful grace and love. We need it as much as the very air we breathe, don’t we? May we together raise His banner of love through all the battles ahead! Hugs and love to you, too!


  2. Hi Trudy,
    Beautiful, beautiful words from your heart and such a deep and insightful picture of the one who loves us more than anyone or anything – -it’s too hard to comprehend, isn’t it? For all of us whose stories aren’t finished yet, we fix our eyes on him! Love reading your words, friend!


    1. Thank you, Valerie. Yes, Jesus’ unlimited, unconditional love is so incomprehensible. “Amazing love, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…” So glad to have you join me in fixing our eyes on Him. May He continue to transform all your brokenness into a beautiful story that glorifies Him! Hugs!


  3. I can so relate to you here, Trudy! (I think I say that every time I visit you :)) This: “I’m so tired of being tired, Lord. My heart is discouraged.” Me too… Thank you for this beautiful reminder of what Jesus did for us, that incredible suffering, far worse than what we deal with. Praying for your healing, my friend.


    1. I’m sorry you are tired and discouraged, Candace, but I’m glad you could relate and feel less alone. May we together lift our eyes and thoughts to what Jesus did for us! Praying for your healing, too! Hugs!


  4. You are my neighbor at Bonnie’s and I am thankful. I have never visited here nor you before. Your initial words speak to my heart as I am weary and achy and tired far to much to feel much verve for each day. Yet, He calls us to look to Him, call upon Him, open His Word, and pray without ceasing. So much and He is there waiting for us.
    He called us to live a resurrected life while we walk this earth. I want to do that. One step at a time. I hold you in prayer, Trudy.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda


    1. Thank you for your caring and prayers, Linda. I’m sorry you are weary and achy and tired. It’s hard then to look to Him, isn’t it? Along with you, I, too, long to live a resurrected life here on earth. May we together take one step at a time and may God give you strength for each day! Hugs!


  5. This prayer reads like a psalm. David pours his heart out to the Lord, broken and tired, but then by the psalm’s end He is back in a place of trust. Glad to have found your blog at the link up.


    1. Thank you for reminding me of this, Michele. Yes, so many of the Psalms are that way. No wonder they are so comforting. When I wrote this, I was really stuck and despondent, and I believed I just had to tell it like it was at the moment. And as I wrote and lifted my eyes to Jesus, I felt grounded again. Thanks for stopping! May God bless you and keep you! Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Isn’t it great how writing gives us an outlet and a release? How our words can resonate with others walking a similar path, giving them hope and comfort to know they are not alone.

        Praying for you my kindred friend.


      2. Thank you for your prayers, Krista. Yes, it’s great. 🙂 I’m so glad you could find hope here. Your words often resonate with me, too! May God keep you in the embrace of His love! Hugs!


  6. Trudy,
    I love that you share your heart and then share His love speaking truth and love back to you, lifting you high and holding you close. Such a beautiful picture of His amazing love, and you share it with us. Thank you friend. I am praying with you – expectantly! Love the Blessings song too!!


    1. Hi Michelle. Yes, His love is truly amazing. He lowers Himself to the depths with us and lifts us high into His presence and love. Yes, let’s keep praying “expectantly” together! May Jesus hold you close to Himself! His arm is never too short and nothing is impossible with Him! Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

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