7 Days of Soul Care (Book Review)


Does your spirit feel empty, discouraged, and confused? Does it feel like you’re missing something important in your life? Do lies about God, yourself, or others torment you? Do you long to grasp your identity in Christ Jesus? Do you crave a deeper relationship with God?

Wearying of trying to fit her circle into the square expectation of certain key people, Dolly Lee prayed and asked God to show her how He created and designed her. God answered her prayer and led her on a deeper experience of His love.

The journey was far from easy. Through valley lows and mountain highs, God led her on a journey of self-discovery and a deeper experience of His love that can transform and redeem brokenness to beauty.


Dolly’s personal battle with anxiety, depression, and  PTSD, and God’s transformation through His love and grace has birthed a book that will resonate with many. 7 Days of Soul Care: A Guide to Letting God Do the Extraordinary With Your Ordinary “invites readers to surrender fear and to courageously embrace the journey of living more fully into his or her amazing true identity as God’s Beloved.”

Through creative (and some vulnerable) stories, Scripture, soul-searching journal questions, and heartfelt prayers, Dolly gifts us with highlights of what she learned over the past 17 years and continues to learn. With love and compassion, she invites us into a deeper relationship with God.

The top three takeaways Dolly wants readers to take to heart are:

  1. God created you in love and for love.
  2. God sees you as a masterpiece.
  3. We won’t be able to fully receive God’s love when we believe lies about God, ourselves, or others.


Some of my favorite quotes, one from each day, are:

Being exceptional begins with our connection with God. It has taken me decades to learn relationship with God begins first with our “being” and not with our “doing.”

We have worth because we are created in God’s image.

When I admit and experience my own brokenness and my failure to love well, I see in contrast God’s tender love and grace welcoming me back home. He calls me to rest my weary head on his chest. I don’t need to live by my own limited strength.

The more I remind myself of God’s unconditional love for me, the more I walk in freedom from people–pleasing and perfectionism.

Remember that the cross and not your circumstances are the measure of His great love for you.

I travel away from God whenever I forget I have all I need in him and instead seek my soul’s fulfillment elsewhere.

It isn’t selfish to make time to care for our minds, souls, and bodies.

Life can get so busy, but that’s all the more reason to rest and nurture our souls. Our time will not be wasted as we read this book slowly and carefully so we can soak in refreshment for our thirsty, weary souls.

“I am the Vine; you are the branches.
The one who remains in Me and I in him bears much fruit,
for [otherwise] apart from Me
[that is, cut off from vital union with Me]
you can do nothing.”
John 15:5 AMP

If you purchase this book, you will be contributing to a worthy cause – the International Justice Mission, a ministry that protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world. Dolly’s hope is to raise at least $500 out of her royalties for this book.

A Child's Trust

When Dolly needs to remember what is true about God and herself, she listens to songs. One of the songs she listened to during the writing process was “Here’s My Heart” by Casting Crowns.


Dolly Lee believes God’s love can transform a person from the inside-out if one surrenders to his love. She’s thankful God’s grace allows second acts and second chances. She attends Fuller Seminary and writes at her blog Soulstops.com where she invites readers to stop and connect with God. She lives with her family and one lovable dog in California where she loves to hike, read, share meals and laugh with family and friends. Her goal is to collect enough in royalties from the sale of her book, 7 Days of Soul Care, to donate $500 to the work of International Justice Mission.

* The two images were created by Dolly’s daughter.
* I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book but I was not paid to write this review. This is my honest review, based on information from Dolly and my own opinion.


New This Month: Links, Quotes, Books & More



dont give up

“Oh! May the God of green hope fill you up with joy,
fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives,
filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit,
will brim over with hope!”
Romans 15:13 The Message



ABCs of Jesus’ Love

Visit this page anytime and let me know if you’d like to add to the words describing Jesus’ love along with a verse supporting it. Remember, there is also a print-out of the original list.

 This month I have added another “R” Word:

❤︎ Restoring Love ❤︎
“For I will restore health to you
And I will heal your wounds, says the Lord,
Because they have called you an outcast, saying:
This is Zion; no one seeks her and no one cares for her.”
Jeremiah 30:17 AMP



I am not always able to keep up with the abundance of books that promote hope, healing, and freedom, so I haven’t always read every one I post here and on the Books Page. Though many are on my long wish list. 🙂 Many will be from recommendations of online friends. If you ever know of a book that is not listed and that supports this website’s mission, please let me know. 🙂

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss
by Schwiebert and DeKlyen (Authors), Bills (Illustrator)

Linda Stoll describes it as:

tear soup 2tear soup“A rarity … a grief storybook for all ages that is calming yet impactful, simple yet profound. You can cuddle up and read this to your grandkids {I have}. Give to your mother and your daughter {I did}. Recommend to your friends and clients {I am}.

Soothing in its affirmation of grief’s roller coaster of emotions, this little story book is subtly educational. The most gorgeous illustrations are intricately delightful. And, thank heavens, no pat answers or easy 1-2-3’s line its pages. Absolutely must reading for anyone who’s traveling the pathway of grief … or walks alongside someone who is.”


Hope Harbor

Links That Inspire Hope and Healing 

 Broken Vessel by Paula Wallace – In a 5-minute video, Paula Wallace shares her story of how God showed her hope, life, and beauty in place of the damage abuse caused her. 

♥ How To Help Your Wife Overcome Sexual Abuse – “Dawn Scott Jones, author of When a Woman You Love Was Abused, explains how she found emotional healing from childhood sexual abuse and how a husband can come alongside his wife who’s experienced similar trauma to offer her love and support.”

 How To Forgive When It Seems Impossible – “Another hurdle to overcome is the idea that forgiveness always occurs in a single moment and that our pain will instantly disappear. The truth is forgiveness is often a process of letting go. It’s okay to forgive someone to the degree that you’re able by God’s grace at that time. Then, as you move forward, your healing will allow you to forgive more, and your forgiveness will, in turn, lead to more healing.”

Nature Retreat

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is
to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone
with the heavens, nature and God.

Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and
that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple
beauty of nature. I firmly believe that nature
brings solace in all troubles.”
~ Anne Frank

My brother and his wife live in Arizona during the winter season. Here are some of my brother’s photos. I hope no one freaks out with the lizard, but I find all God’s creatures fascinating. 🙂 It amazes me how God so uniquely equips each one.
Arizona spring

Arizona Spring


Cactus Wren

Gilded Flicker male bird2

Gilded Flicker Woodpecker (Male)

desert spiny lizard 1

Desert Spiny Lizard

desert spiny lizard 2

➺ Abba’s Creations Photography – God’s Creation Captured in Fine Art Photography – awesome landscape photos you can view either singly or in a slide show

➺ Amazed by You Photography: God’s Creation – Stunning nature photos

➺ 21+ Animals That Want To Be Photographers – Ok, so this is a bit out of the norm, but it will bring you smiles. It’s so delightful to see how curious and smart even wild animals can be.



❤︎ Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

❤︎ “When we view ourselves through the lens of God’s Word, we better understand God’s love for us and the worth we have in His eyes.” ~ Elizabeth George

❤︎ “There is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still.” ~ Betsie ten Boom




New This Month: Links, Quotes, Books & More



“He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds
[healing their pain and comforting their sorrow].”
Psalm 147:3 AMP

“When Life Gets Broken”
by Sandi Patty (with Heather Payne)




ABCs of Jesus’ Love

I have added an E Word:

Everlasting Love
“Long ago the Lord said to Israel:
I have loved you, My people, with an everlasting love.
With unfailing love I have drawn you to Myself.”
Jeremiah 31:3 NLT



I am not always able to keep up with the abundance of books that promote hope, healing, and freedom, so I haven’t always read every one I post here and on the Books Page. Though many are on my long wish list. 🙂 I find many of them because I read about them on someone’s blog post. If you ever know of a book that is not listed and that supports this website’s mission, please let me know. 🙂

seeking solaceThis month I’d like to recommend a book by an online friend:

Seeking Solace: Discovering grace in life’s hard places by Joy Lenton

“Seeking Solace speaks soul to soul with the intimate, confessional style of a memoir. Joy Lenton offers us a glimpse into her world with the aching immediacy and transparency of a poet. She shares her painful past and challenging circumstances to reveal how she has learned how to seek solace and find peace, and how you can do so too.

Her journey leads to discerning and discovering grace in life’s hard places. It’s a peek behind the scenes look at ‘Love, Life, Loss and Faith’ which leads to deeper understanding of how interlinked they can be. Here you have an open invitation to step into her shoes, picture yourself within these pages and see how they reveal hope for this life and beyond.” (Amazon Review)

You can find Joy at Words of Joy or at Poetry Joy. She writes about her journey of life and faith with the goal of helping others toward greater freedom in knowing who they are in Christ. And to reveal, as she shares words of joy and encouragement, how beauty can spring forth from brokenness and hope shines bright even in dark circumstances.


Hope Harbor

Links That Inspire Hope and Healing 

Vision 61 Ministries  – Hope, Freedom, and Recovery of those who have been held captive by hurts, habits, addictions, self-destructive behaviors, etc.

“My Child” – “Father’s Love Letter”  (video) written out by Lynn Simpson with supporting Bible verses.

31 Days Healing From Abuse – Carly writes 31 blog posts in 31 days to share some of her experiences and the lessons she has learned. This is “primarily a story of who God is and his power to heal. The focus will be very much on that and on the healing process, not on the abuse itself. There will be no graphic details of abuse, in fact there will be very few details at all, only as much as is necessary to present a clear picture of the darkness so that you can see the impact of the light.” (Taken from the 1st blog post)


Nature Retreat

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore





Dina’s City Wildlife Adventures – Beautiful photos of birds and nature

 Outdoor Photography – Stunning photos of birds, wildlife, wildflowers, and landscapes by Scott Simons. This is also a great place to learn more about photography. 

 Wildlife Photography Journals – Amazing wildlife poses by Rich Steel



❤︎ “There is far-reaching fruit that blossoms from the seeds of pain.” ~ Tiffany Parry 

❤︎ “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

❤︎ “Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God’s plans, but God is not helpless among the ruins.” ~ Eric Liddell


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