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Great Grandson Ultrasound 5 monthsI just have to share this with you. 🙂 Recently our grand-daughter sent me an ultrasound photo of our great-grandson. At 5 months, his facial features are so distinct. Even the four chambers of his heart and other organs can be seen. It’s always so amazing how God plants and grows that little seed of life from conception to birth. How He creates each child so uniquely and with a special purpose in life, no matter what situation surrounds that little life.

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex!
Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.
You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion,
as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.
You saw me before I was born.
Every day of my life was recorded in Your book.
Every moment was laid out
before a single day had passed.”

Psalm 139:13-16




ABCs of Jesus’ Love

I have added this page!
It started out as a post, and I decided to turn it into a page
to help us remember how vast Jesus’ love is.
Thanks to all who offered descriptive words and verses to add to the list.
Please feel free to let me know of other adjectives you think of
that describe Jesus’ love, along with a Bible verse that proves it.
Let’s see how many we can build up!

After I wrote the post, some of you expressed interest in a print-out:
ABCs of Jesus’ Love



I am not always able to keep up with the abundance of books that promote hope, healing, and freedom, so I haven’t always read every one I post here and on the Books Page. Though many are on my long wish list. 🙂 I find many of them because I read about them on someone’s blog post. If you ever know of a book that is not listed and that supports this website’s mission, please let me know. 🙂

Holley LifeGrowth Guide

This month I’d like to introduce you to a new book coming out on March 1. You may have read You’re Already Amazing where Holley Gerth dares us to embrace who we really are and to become all God created us to be. Now she has created a companion to build on that foundation in an interactive study guide. A guide that helps us to apply heart-freeing truths to every aspect of our lives. Don’t miss You’re Already Amazing LifeGrowth Guide by Holley Gerth. It is designed to be experienced with the You’re Already Amazing LifeGrowth DVD and to be used in whatever way fits you: a group study, an online study, one-on-one, or an individual study.

There are six sessions:

1. Who God Created Us to Be
2. What’s True No Matter How We Feel
3. Our Amazing Journey with Jesus
4. God’s Plan for Our Relationships
5. God’s Purpose for Our Lives
6. How We Can Thrive for a Lifetime

you're already amazing


Hope Harbor

Links That Inspire Hope and Healing 

ABCs of Jesus’ Love – A print-out of descriptive words using the letters of the alphabet and Bible verses to show the many ways Jesus loves us.

Top Verses – This is an awesome search tool to discover and explore all the most popular verses in the Bible. I looked up “Hope” and found 202 verses. I searched for “Jesus” and found 1,356 verses. What better hope, healing, and freedom can we find than in God’s Truth and faithful promises, right? 🙂

 Hope After Abortion – “It’s normal to grieve a pregnancy loss, including the loss of a child by abortion. It can form a hole in one’s heart, a hole so deep that sometimes it seems nothing can fill the emptiness. You are not alone…” Project Rachel Ministry gives help and support for those seeking healing and reconciliation after abortion.

Nature Retreat

“We must not cease to wonder at the great marvels of our God.”
~ Spurgeon

More of God’s Amazing Creatures

Common Whitetail Skimmer Dragonfly
I haven’t been able to identify this dragonfly. Anyone know?
bee moth
Bee Moth

Gary Jones Wildlife Photography – Amazing, unique wildlife photos

 Steven Round Wildlife Photography – Stunning photos of wildlife 

 Birder’s Journey – Photos, insight, and inspiration about birding



New quotes for this month are about “truth.”

❤︎ “You never find yourself until you face the truth.” ~ Pearl Bailey

❤︎ “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.” ~ Brene Brown

❤︎ “In darkness God’s truth shines most clear.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom


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28 thoughts on “New This Month: Links, Quotes, Books & More

    1. Thank you for delighting with me, Linda. Each little one is so unique and precious, right? Losing your little grandchild must still leave such a missing ache. May God give you strength and peace for each day as you visualize him with Jesus forever! Hugs!


  1. Trudy, there is so much here to explore! First though, thank you for introducing me to Holley’s book. I have it written to be an-upcoming read, and maybe even a spring group study in my home. We are all God’s masterpieces, meant to shine our light in the world, effect it, and be part of His great story.


    1. You’re welcome, Lynn. I am part of Holley’s launch team, and I am so far through 4 sessions. It would make an excellent study, so I do hope you have a group study. 🙂 It really leads one deeper into who God made us to be. I love it, also the DVD that compliments the book. Holley’s books really help us to see we are God’s masterpieces. I love how you say further that we are “meant to shine our light in the world, effect it, and be part of His great story.” It’s humbling that God uses us, isn’t it? May God fill our hearts so full of His love that it will naturally shine out to all those around us! Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great storehouse you’ve offered us today, Trudy! And I’m such a quote gal – the one about authenticity – well, you know I’m taking that with me. Thanks for sharing, friend. xoxo


  3. So much encouragement here! I love the ultrasound photo- it’s amazing that we can see a child in so much detail before they are even born- and even that is nothing compared to how God sees us and knows us.
    I love the quotes too, and the beautiful pictures.


    1. I’m so glad you found encouragement here, Carly. 🙂 Yes, it is so amazing what technology helps us to see of the unborn child. I love your insight of how it’s nothing compared to how God sees and knows us. Amen! May God give us a daily wonder and gratitude of His awesomeness! Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Trudy! Many congratulations on the coming birth of a new little one in your family!! I love that, it’s so exciting. Will he be your first great-grand?
    I wrote down the name of Holley’s book. I have visited her blog in the past, and have liked the writing there. Sounds like you really like it so far!
    A ‘bee moth’? Never heard of that before, thanks for that amazing photo! Your month-end posts are always rich with such lovely materials 🙂


    1. Thank you, Ceil. This will be our first great grandson. We also have a great granddaughter who is 3. 🙂 Yes, Holley’s book is really great. Her books are so encouraging. I have all of them. 🙂 My brother took the bee moth photo. I didn’t know of such a thing either until then! When I was a kid, I followed my big brother around like a puppy dog. He taught me a lot about nature then, and he still does. 🙂 We both love nature photography, so it’s fun to share. Blessings to you, too, my friend. May God lead us and guide us day by day! Hugs!

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  5. Hi Trudy, I’m your neighbor over at TheFaithBarista today. I’m so blessed to see one of my favorite quotes by Corrie ten Boom here, “In darkness, God’s truth shines most clear.” That’s such a faith reminder for this season in my own life! Thank you for sharing all these encouraging thoughts! & Grandbabies are such precious & sweet gifts 🙂


    1. Welcome to you, Bettie. Thank you for visiting. I’m so glad you were blessed to see one of your favorite quotes. It’s amazing how God works in the darkness of our lives, isn’t it? May the light of His truth dispel the darkness in our hearts and lives! Hugs!


  6. Trudy,
    You’re going to be a great-grandmother? What a beautiful photo of how that little one is created! How exciting! I’m looking forward to Holley’s new companion book too but I’m just going to review it for Revell — that’s great that you’re on the launch team! Thanks for not including frogs in this month’s round-up of nature photos 🙂 but the dragonflies scare me a little bit too . . . you are a brave woman to get that close to them!! xo


    1. Hi Valerie. Actually, I already am a great-grandmother. I have one great grand-daughter who is 3, but this little guy will be my first great grandson. 🙂 So do you never want me to include frogs again? 😉 They and dragonflies are harmless creatures. 🙂 You probably would be shocked to know that when I was a kid I even wrapped garter snakes around my arms and neck. 🙂 Thanks for always adding smiles to my day, my friend. May God guide us and lead us with His hands of love! Hugs!


  7. Trudi- what a beautiful picture of your grand baby!! made my eyes tear up! Thanks for the beautiful verse too and reminding me of these truths!! It has meant a lot to me today! Love to hear about Holleys book too! Love your blog Trudi! its a wonderful place of rest! Thank you! xoxoxoxo


    1. That’s so sweet of you and so encouraging that you call my blog a place of rest, Susie. Isn’t it amazing how God creates each of us? He had us in mind before we were even born and He is still with us every step of the way still. Your poems calm me to a place of resting in Jesus, no matter what turmoil and unrest is without and within us. Still praying God will give you rest in every way! Hugs!


  8. That picture of your great-grandson is amazing, Trudy! I can’t believe technology these days. When I had babies the pictures weren’t even close to that. I love your new ABCs of Jesus’ Love page. What a huge dose of inspiration and encouragement in one spot. Thank you for that, my friend.
    I just finished Holley’s book and DVD and absolutely adored every bit of it. I wrote a post on it today for next week. I can’t even believe how much it helped me! Blessings and hugs :)!


    1. Thank you, Candace. I’m so glad you were inspired and encouraged. I loved Holley’s new book and DVD, too. I plan to have a review on it next week, too, not just an introduction. So will I get to read what your LIFE statement is in that post? Blessings and hugs to you, too! May Jesus’ love fill our hearts always!


  9. Oh what a beautiful image of your great grandson! It must add greatly to the joy of anticipating his arrival. You bless us tremendously with the wonderful resources you share, your own and those of others. Such a blessing for you to be on Holley’s launch team. I can’t wait to read her new book and I look forward to your review.
    The nature photography is splendid too. And I was intrigued by the idea of a ‘bee moth’. You have a good eye for the environment, a lovely appreciation of life around you and a great understanding of how much creation teaches us about the glory of God.
    These end of month round ups are always a joy to read. You provide rich fare to feast on for several days. Thank you, Trudy! Sorry I’m a bit late in stopping by. Blessings and hugs to you. Xx ❤


    1. Thank you, Joy. I’m so glad you enjoy these “end of month round ups.” I do enjoy gathering for these posts. It kind of gives me a breather from the more vulnerable writing, too. Sometimes we need that, don’t we? Yes, the baby image adds to our anticipation. 🙂 Also our grand-daughter’s excitement. Last week when she stopped in, she said, “Grandma, you just have to feel my little baby bump! It’s so cute! Feel how hard it is!” 🙂 Take care, my friend, and allow yourself enough rest in body and spirit. It sounds like you’re busy with a poetry book. That’s quite an undertaking that takes so much courage. May God bless you and the words you gift others with! Hugs!


  10. This is so delightful! The picture of your great grandchild is amazing. The printable turned out beautiful. Thank you for making it. Beautiful photos and quotes and Psalm 139 is my favorite psalm. Thank you for everything you shared.


    1. Thank you, Mary. And you’re welcome. 🙂 I’m so glad you liked and made use of the printable. Psalm 139 sure teaches of the infinite knowledge of God, doesn’t it? Nothing is hidden from Him and He is everywhere. It’s amazing how He can be beside each of us. Incomprehensible. I love your Sylvia story. I’m so glad God sent you such an unexpected blessing to show you that you are not alone, and neither is your dad. 🙂 May God give you and your dad strength for each day and light for the way! Hugs!


  11. What an amazing ultrasound image! The detail of his face – precious! How I wish I could’ve seen my children with this detail! Congratulations!


  12. Hi Trudy!
    What a wonderful post filled with so many blessings! From the ultrasound pic, to the printable ABC’s of Jesus’ Love, to Holley’s new book, to the quotes! Just. So. Much. Good!! I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on that sweet baby and cuddle him! And guess what? I’m on the team with Holley’s new book, too! My post is tomorrow 🙂

    Much love, my friend! You are a treasure!!!


    1. Thank you so much, Lori. Yes, I am so looking forward to cuddling a little one again. 🙂 I’m posting a review of Holley’s book tomorrow, too. More detailed than this introduction to it. I’m looking forward to your post on it. 🙂 Much love to you, too! May we rest in Jesus’ sufficient grace for this journey of life! Hugs!


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