Failure Doesn’t Make Us Less Cherished By God


Do you ever feel like a failure? Like no matter how hard you try, you’re always insufficient or falling short? Like you’re a disappointment to everyone, especially to God?

When I was a child, my dad said to me, “You never were much of a daughter to me.” Though later in life he did say that wasn’t what he meant and I forgave him, the words still engraved themselves in my heart. I didn’t realize it at first, but I applied it to every role I have ever played in life – wife, mom, grandma, sister, friend, teacher, writer, etc.

When I don’t meet the expectations of others, including myself, I think I have failed. When what I say or do doesn’t make someone feel better, I think have failed. When I start a project and don’t finish it, I think I have failed.

But what I often forget is that those “I’m a failure” thoughts are lies. Even when I do fail at something, that doesn’t mean I’m a failure as a person. It just means I’m learning an important lesson.

Remember that failure is an event, not a person. ~ Zig Ziglar

Most importantly, Jesus’ love is unconditional. It doesn’t depend on what we do or don’t do right or perfectly. It depends on what He has done for us!

“For by a single offering He has forever completely cleansed and perfected those who are consecrated and made holy.” (Hebrews 10:14 AMP)

A Child's Trust

“Holy God, I am Your child – loved, cherished, sought after, justified by Your own sacrifice. I want to live my life as a person adopted and loved by God. Life gets messy, though, and sometimes I don’t do that. Forgive me for trusting other people more than You to define myself. Help me to hear You even when life is very loud. Help me to listen and live according to Your truth. Amen.”      (Prayer from The Search for Significance Devotional Journal: A 60-day Journey to Discovering Your True Worth)

Soul Rest Sunday

Beauty from Ashes

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“The blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.” (1 John 1:7)

Do you feel dirty, damaged, and different? Jesus’ blood cleans us from all impurities – all sin, guilt, and shame. Whether it’s sin we have committed ourselves or sin committed against us, Jesus’ blood is powerful to purify us from ALL sin.

Annie Lobert’s story testifies to Jesus’ power to purify. His power to heal. His power to bring beauty from ashes. In Annie’s personal story, she writes:

“If God could love me AND forgive me with as much “junk” as I got into…HE CAN DO IT FOR YOU TOO!!!

He put it all together for me…because… when you actually KNOW the truth about yourself, and WHY you’ve done what you’ve done, it sets you completely free! Sin becomes your personal prison if you don’t know this truth. My prison was the lie Satan told me that I was unworthy to be loved. Unworthy because of the bad things that I had done—LIAR! Ha! “Fallen” is dead devil… My secrets are out, and no longer can YOU torment me because–Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!! I am free and out of the cocoon sin put me in! Jail time YOU ARE OVER!!! I am now truly a BUTTERFLY… LOVED BY GOD–and you are too!”

As founder of Hookers for Jesus, Annie’s passion is to Hook (Outreach), Heal (emotional & spiritual restoration) and Help (Transitional Assistance) through the Destiny House program. The reason for the name? Annie says:

“Now I can explain HOOKER FOR JESUS– WHAT is a hooker for Jesus? Well, first of all, the meaning for “HOOKER” is a clipper style boat made for fishing in the 1600’s. Hooker also means a “fish hook”. I believe that God is tired of people thinking that this is such a “dirty” word…so I am taking the name back for HIM!

 Also, I’m an X-HOOKER saved by the grace of God! The “X” just doesn’t mean that I have left that lifestyle… instead it stands for all the nameless prostitutes that are afraid to speak out–for my desire is that God uses me as their unheard voice. Someone needs to care! Someone needs to do something!


Yes, now Annie comforts with the same comfort God gave her. She knows from experience the power pimps have over their victims. “I was beaten, raped, kidnapped, strangled, suffocated, guns put in my mouth, hair cut off, tied up, gagged, put in trunks of cars, bones broken, spit on, kicked, pushed, stalked by crazy men, and during that time I WAS PIMPED (AKA SEX TRAFFICKED) for years!” In His unconditional and powerful love, God transformed her into a beautiful butterfly who is leading others to Jesus and His purifying blood.