Beauty from Ashes

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“The blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.” (1 John 1:7)

Do you feel dirty, damaged, and different? Jesus’ blood cleans us from all impurities – all sin, guilt, and shame. Whether it’s sin we have committed ourselves or sin committed against us, Jesus’ blood is powerful to purify us from ALL sin.

Annie Lobert’s story testifies to Jesus’ power to purify. His power to heal. His power to bring beauty from ashes. In Annie’s personal story, she writes:

“If God could love me AND forgive me with as much “junk” as I got into…HE CAN DO IT FOR YOU TOO!!!

He put it all together for me…because… when you actually KNOW the truth about yourself, and WHY you’ve done what you’ve done, it sets you completely free! Sin becomes your personal prison if you don’t know this truth. My prison was the lie Satan told me that I was unworthy to be loved. Unworthy because of the bad things that I had done—LIAR! Ha! “Fallen” is dead devil… My secrets are out, and no longer can YOU torment me because–Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!! I am free and out of the cocoon sin put me in! Jail time YOU ARE OVER!!! I am now truly a BUTTERFLY… LOVED BY GOD–and you are too!”

As founder of Hookers for Jesus, Annie’s passion is to Hook (Outreach), Heal (emotional & spiritual restoration) and Help (Transitional Assistance) through the Destiny House program. The reason for the name? Annie says:

“Now I can explain HOOKER FOR JESUS– WHAT is a hooker for Jesus? Well, first of all, the meaning for “HOOKER” is a clipper style boat made for fishing in the 1600’s. Hooker also means a “fish hook”. I believe that God is tired of people thinking that this is such a “dirty” word…so I am taking the name back for HIM!

 Also, I’m an X-HOOKER saved by the grace of God! The “X” just doesn’t mean that I have left that lifestyle… instead it stands for all the nameless prostitutes that are afraid to speak out–for my desire is that God uses me as their unheard voice. Someone needs to care! Someone needs to do something!


Yes, now Annie comforts with the same comfort God gave her. She knows from experience the power pimps have over their victims. “I was beaten, raped, kidnapped, strangled, suffocated, guns put in my mouth, hair cut off, tied up, gagged, put in trunks of cars, bones broken, spit on, kicked, pushed, stalked by crazy men, and during that time I WAS PIMPED (AKA SEX TRAFFICKED) for years!” In His unconditional and powerful love, God transformed her into a beautiful butterfly who is leading others to Jesus and His purifying blood.







2 thoughts on “Beauty from Ashes

  1. thank you sometimes i would get angry at God for how i thought He saw me, i saw myself as respectable, I didn’t see myself like how He was seeing me, even tho apparently others saw me that way. I thought i was good, clean, righteous. i guess not. sometimes i feel judged, dispicable, and dirty and im angry at GOD because He is so holy and i am so miserable,and there’s nothing i can do about what i was born into. i guess that was satans problem he was mad and jealous he wasn’t God. I guess i hate what i see, because i tried to change it, but no matter what i do im a marked women, but when GOD tells me im a dirty sinner, i really have an attitude problem bcause i look at others and am i like what about their sins Lord i didnt want to b born this way, andi am like this is how you see me, a nasty filthy sinner esp when i feel like rahab and will forever be known by what i used to be. it really sucks.


  2. I’m so sorry for all the pain you deal with, J&J.

    Remember Jesus didn’t look at Rahab by what she used to be. He looked at her through the blood of Jesus, white and pure. He even cast all her sins out of His remembrance! And God chose her to be in the lineage that brought forth the very One Who saved her!

    I know how hard it can be when people are judgmental and condemning, not even caring to hear the truth from our own lips. When I was sexually abused by a minister, many people said and believed I “had an affair.” I was even called a whore, one who led the “poor man of God” astray. But do you know what, J&J? What people say or think of us, whether it is lies or truth, we can’t let it define us. If someone condemns you, don’t ask yourself, “What is wrong with me?” Rather think, “I wonder what their problem is.” I have found that the best way to get past condemning voices and lies is to focus on our identity in Christ Jesus. Don’t focus on what people have marked you as. Focus on what Jesus has marked you as – “precious in His sight!” (Isaiah 43:4)

    Have you ever read Renee Swope’s “A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God’s Promises”? This book has helped me so much, and I highly recommend it.


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