Jesus Longs For Us to Find Refuge Under His Wings of Love

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“Like a bird protecting its young,
God will cover you with His feathers,
will protect you under His great wings;
His faithfulness will form a shield around you,
a rock-solid wall to protect you.”
Psalm 91:4 VOICE

God often uses birds as an analogy of His loving care and protection over us. When an April snowstorm hit us, I watched a visible sign of this truth. A house finch pair already had a nest outside my office window. It was amazing to see how they kept the eggs warm and did not leave them to find shelter for themselves. The eggs did hatch and the parents faithfully fed, cared for, and protected them. If the little ones needed more warmth or were afraid, they snuggled more deeply under the wings of their mother.

Birds will sacrifice their own lives to keep their young ones safe. I once heard a story of a mother bird whose blackened and dead body was found by rangers after a forest fire. One of them bumped her body with a stick and out popped three little chicks alive and well. She could have flown to safety, but she remained to protect her beloved young and give her life for theirs.

Though a bird will give its life for its young, there are times when it has no power against much stronger enemies. That will never happen with God. He is invincible. There is no enemy too strong for Him. We can always find refuge under His Almighty wings of safety in the storms of life. 

And there will be storms, because we are part of this sinful, fallen world. As long as we are on this earth, physical, mental, and emotional losses in various forms will continue to cause heart-rending grief, anxiety, and fear.

We all need a Shelter, a Refuge, a Safe Savior in these storms.

Jesus mourns when we don’t choose to find refuge underneath His loving, shielding wings. When Jerusalem rejected Jesus and His love, He wept (Luke 19:41). He voiced His sorrow in Luke 13:34b:

“How often I have longed to
gather your children together,
as a hen gathers her chicks
under her wings,
and you were not willing.”

Jesus longs for us to find refuge under His wings of love and safety. He longs for us to believe He willingly gave His life for us to rescue us from sin, eternal death, and Satan. He longs for us to take it to heart that He loves us so much that He suffered an excruciating death for us to keep us safe.

Yes, it’s hard to trust there is safety under His wings if our trust has been horribly betrayed or if we are so confused about what love really is. It took me many years to believe I can trust Him. To believe His intentions toward us are always honorable and life-giving, not hurtful and life-taking.

Even if we hesitate to take shelter beneath His loving wings, He never stops loving us or caring about us. His wings are always open, entreating us to find refuge in Him. His patience knows no end!

Lord, thank You for loving us so much and longing for us to take shelter in You. Please help us to trust You with all our hearts. Take away all the roadblocks that keep us from fleeing to find refuge in You. Take away all the trust issues we may have in our hearts. Take away all our self-sufficiency. Please help us to snuggle underneath Your wings of loving care with all our restlessness, anxiety, and fear. Help us to picture Your protective wings around us whenever we step forward into places or situations that make us feel so afraid and untrusting but yet will help us on the road to healing the brokenness within us. Help us to be dependent on You and Your all-sufficient grace in whatever struggles we go through in this life. Thank You that Your wings of love and safety are invincible.

Your Wings
by Lauren Daigle

God Knows Who We Are and What We Need


This past week has been filled with storms, tears, sighs, burdens, troubles, and pain for so many of us. Some are more evident. Others are invisible to the human eye. But God knows who we are and what we need. He sees every tear, whether running down our cheeks or feeling like a dam inside about to break. He sees what we are suffering, and He hurts when we hurt.

Dearest God,
You know who we are and where we are.
You care so much for us
that You suffered and died for us.
You long for us to fall into Your loving arms.

Please grant us
grace and strength for each day,
peace in knowing You are for us,
and light for the next step forward
when the way may seem so unclear.
For Jesus’ Sake,


A Child's Trust

“God Hath Not Promised”


Jesus Rescues, Rebuilds, and Restores the Ruins of Shattered Hearts

Courtesy of iBibleverses
Courtesy of iBibleverses

An 80 mph wind hammered hail the size of half-dollars against our windows. So loud. So persistent. So threatening. I covered my face and cried as I thought of what damage it would do to lives, farmers’ crops, and people’s property. God, please protect us!

We are having record rainfalls here in South Dakota. The sky is still threatening more. Most years we are praying for rain, but now I look up and plead with God to please allow the land to dry so the rivers settle back into their normal paths. Towns are flooding throughout the Midwest. Foundations of homes crumbling. Roads washed out. Landmark parks beyond repair. Deadly twin tornadoes left piles of rubble where homes once were in a small town in Nebraska and snatched the lives of a 5-year-old girl and a 74-year-old motorist.

So much destruction and devastation. Spirits crushed. Hearts broken. Lives turned upside down. Overpowered. Defeated. Overwhelmed with sorrow, confusion, and pain.

Overwhelmed” is “to be overpowered or overcome, especially with superior forces; destroyed; crushed.” I picture a two-ton giant’s foot not only stomping his foot down on us but twisting his boot back and forth to make certain we are utterly destroyed with nothing left of us.

There are so many storms in life, both visible and hidden, that overwhelm us. Overpower us. Crush us. Circumstances that don’t seem fair and we can’t begin to understand. Trials that turn our lives upside down and inside out. Emotional turmoil that spins us around and knocks the breath out of us. Leaving us in a heap of rubble. Our strength drains and our eyes grow so dim we can’t see hope on the horizon. 

But this brokenness is exactly what draws Jesus and His compassion. He feels each struggle and cries with us. He knows what it’s like. No one suffers the way He suffered for us. He was crushed so broken ones can be made whole. He specializes in broken hearts. No matter how broken and crushed we are, it is never beyond His power to restore.

The giants of trouble may storm in and smash our hope to pieces and grind it into despondency, but Jesus is near to rescue us. He can pick up the millions of pieces of our shattered hearts and mend them together again.

He longs for us to trust Him with our healing. He waits for us to not only need Him, but to want Him. His heart of love yearns to rescue, rebuild, and restore us. He knows every detail of our lives and the deepest thoughts of our hearts, but He longs for us to bring it to Him, to confide in Him, to rest in Him.

He Longs For Us

“Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you;
therefore He will rise up to show you compassion.”
Psalm 61:2

He Is Near to the Broken
He Will Rescue Us

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;
He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”
Psalm 34:18 NLT

He Will Rebuild and Restore
the Ruins of Our Hearts

“You will be rebuilt;
I will restore all your ruins!”
Jeremiah 44:26 NLT


Precious Jesus,
Rescuer of the powerless,
Healer of the wounded,
Restorer of ruins,
Sometimes our hearts
Feel so broken,
Crushed into a million pieces,
Without hope of being restored,
But Your limitless power
Can and will restore
Broken bodies,
Crushed spirits,
Smashed hopes.
We plead upon
Your tender compassion,
Your unmerited favor,
Your boundless love.
Help us to flee to You,
To confide in You,
To rest in You.


“We pour out our miseries,
God just hears a melody.
Beautiful the mess we are,
The honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a hallelujah.”
– Amy Grant

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