When We Sink Beneath the Waves of Lies About Who We Truly Are

Do you feel ugly, insecure, and worthless?

It’s so easy to find our identity in the hurting words and painful actions of others toward us, isn’t it? Words and actions that steal our confidence and security in who we truly are. That make us feel we are unwanted, unlovable, and unusable.

Demeaning words, abusive actions, and the lack of loving attention we swallow as a child may become our own assumptions that we guide our lives according to. Assumptions that lie to us about the reality of who we really are. Assumptions that make us more vulnerable to further abuse as we grow older.

When we have been abused in some way, it’s so difficult to change our thought pattern, isn’t it? I struggled with this for many years. Still do sometimes. As I look back, I often picture myself like Peter who was invited to walk to Jesus on the water. How thrilling, right? But as he walked, he opened his ears to all the noise of the storm and his eyes to the tumultuous waves around him ready to swallow him up. He took his focus off of Jesus. And he sank.

Satan knows how vulnerable we are and he tries his hardest to distract us from Jesus and the truth of His love and our value in Him. He whips up the noise and tumult of the lies we assumed about ourselves. In our weakness, we often succumb to it and sink beneath the waves, flailing against the strong currents of worthlessness that suck us down, down, down…

Over the years I have often taken my eyes off of Jesus and closed my ears to His whispers of love. I often sank back into the lies and shame, those assumptions I made from past demeaning words and abuse. I didn’t think I would ever come up for air, but Jesus didn’t let me drown in them. He lovingly reached down and lifted me up yet again. He lovingly held my face in His nail-pierced hands and said, “My precious child, keep your eyes fixed on Me.”

Jesus, in His unfailing love and endless compassion, reached down, took Peter’s hand, and pulled him up in spite of Peter’s doubts and fears. And Jesus will do the same for us every time we sink. He never tires of lifting us up again.

God is so ready and willing to restore what others shattered in us and help us to see ourselves through His eyes. What HE says about us and what HE has done for us is what matters, and He can give us the grace to again and again fix our eyes on Him. He is not going to condemn us or stop loving us when we falter. He empathizes deeply with our pain and struggles.

“From the ends of the earth I call to You,
I call as my heart grows faint;
lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

Psalm 61:2 NIV

“The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and the One who rescues me;
My God, my rock and strength in whom I trust and take refuge;
My shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower—my stronghold.”

Psalm18:2 AMP

“The eternal God is your refuge,
and His everlasting arms are under you.
He drives out the enemy before you;
He cries out, ‘Destroy them!’”

Deuteronomy 33:27 NLT

27 thoughts on “When We Sink Beneath the Waves of Lies About Who We Truly Are

  1. Trudy, this is beautiful. I’ve definitely been the one who sinks back into believing the lies I grew up with. thankfully, I don’t do this nearly as often as when I was younger, but . . . it still happens. Isn’t it amazing that Jesus is always willing to extend His hand toward us to pull us up and help us refocus our eyes on Him? Thank you for sharing this visual and truths about our Lord. Sending you love and blessings, friend.

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    • You’re definitely not alone, Jeanne. Yes, it truly is amazing that Jesus is always so willing to pull us up and help us to refocus our eyes on Him. Love and blessings back to you, friend! May our trust in Jesus and His powerful love ever deepen as we grow in Him!

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  2. We are created in God’s image, Trudy, and we should never lose sight of that no matter what others may tell us. Yes, it took me years, too, to accept His grace, love and mercy, but the Lord kept at it until I was convinced and convicted. I want to live my life in a way that honors Him and gives Him all the glory. May the Lord’s love uplift you and give you the peace that passes all understanding.

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    • Thank you for your prayer, Martha. And thank you for sharing. I’m so grateful Jesus is so endlessly patient and compassionate with us! May we in thoughts, words, and actions live our lives to His glory!


  3. Beautiful Trudy, thank you for sharing.
    A pastor just expounded on this verse today,
    “those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”
    Jesus will never reject us, never turn us away. This gives me such confidence to always come to His throne and know I am His.
    Thank you Trudy 🌷

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    • Jesus’ unfailing, powerful love and deep compassion are so precious, aren’t they, Linda? May we cling to Him as our Rescuer and Refuge amidst all the chaos and turmoil in this world and in our hearts!


  4. Oh yes, He is our Restorer and Redeemer! The enemy is the destroyer. I am grateful that He drives out the enemy. All we need to do is to turn to Him (although that isn’t an easy task as we can get caught up in currents of bad news and worldly desires that never bring peace). But “He empathizes deeply with our pain and struggles.” Lovely encouragement as always! Thank you Trudy!

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  5. This is a beautiful reminder, Trudy! It’s so easy for those lies to creep back in and try to pull us down, but I love that Jesus is there and he will pull us back up every time! Love and blessings to you.

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    • I’m so glad this is an encouraging reminder for you, Lesley. Yes, it’s so amazing that Jesus is always there and will pull us back up every time. Love and blessings to you, too! May we trust ever more deeply that Jesus is with us always, no matter what and no matter where!

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  6. Oh how thankful I am that Jesus “never tires of lifting us up.” I need His grace daily-moment by moment. Thank you for these encouraging words, dear Trudy. It’s such a gift to know that He is encouraging us to keep focused on Him. And He will help us so much! Blessings and hugs and prayers for you dear friend!

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    • Oh yes, Bettie. We so need His grace daily – moment by moment. I’m so glad you were encouraged here. You have so many struggles in your life. Blessings and hugs and prayers for you, too, friend! May we cling to our faithful Rescuer and Redeemer!

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  7. This is beautiful, Trudy. There are so many voices—internal and external—telling us all sorts of lies about ourselves. God’s voice—and human voices that reflect His truth—are the ones we need to listen to. I love how you point out that Jesus’ love for us is unwavering … He is trustworthy and will never betray that trust. Thank you for sharing this, my friend. ❤️

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    • So true, Lois. And this – “God’s voice—and human voices that reflect His truth—are the ones we need to listen to.” Amen. May we rely on our trustworthy God whose love will never waver and never betray us!


  8. I am SO thankful for this, Trudy! “What HE says about us and what HE has done for us is what matters, and He can give us the grace to again and again fix our eyes on Him.” It’s sometimes a struggle to see myself as he sees me; from my viewpoint, I’m not much to see. 😉 But thankfully his view is what counts!

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    • “It’s sometimes a struggle to see myself as he sees me; from my viewpoint, I’m not much to see.” Oh Lisa, you’re not alone in this struggle. I so identify with it. We’ll have to keep encouraging each other of the truth that it’s HIS view that counts. 🙂 He is so tender and compassionate and patient with us, isn’t He? May He give us grace to cling to His faithful character and His never-failing promises!


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