Mama Duck’s Open Heart of Love

As we recently searched through some old photos of an acreage we used to live on, we found one of Mama Duck and her brood.

Mama Duck was so proud of her family, even the little white puff taking a ride on her back. When her eggs hatched, a chicken egg was among them. Though this little one looked, acted, and sounded different than the rest, Mama treated him just as well as the rest of her brood.

One day, we stood in awe as Mama Duck and her brood went for a swim in a pond we had constructed in our front yard. Naturally, the little ducklings dipped in and swam with ease, but the little chick stood along the side and peeped. Mama floated alongside the little guy and let him hop on her back.

Isn’t it amazing how God’s creatures teach lessons without even trying? Lessons of unconditional love and kindness. Mama Duck didn’t care that one was so different. She just accepted him with an open heart of love. And when his difference limited him, she without hesitation helped him to be included.

How are we with people who are different than us? Do we stare, ignore, or bully them? Or do we accept them with open hearts of love and kindness?

“As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” 

John 13:34

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