Nature Is a Stress Reliever

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with what life throws at you and with all the heartache in the world around you? Do you wish you could shut your worrying thinker off for one minute? Do you feel you’re constantly fighting for confidence in God – to truly believe you are His masterpiece, beautiful and created with a unique purpose?

Sometimes when my mind gets so cluttered with life’s problems, it helps me to get into nature. Winter months make this more difficult, but yesterday was “a historical day,” as a radio broadcaster put it. It got up to 69 degrees F, quite unusual for SD at the beginning of March. So after finishing up some errands, I went to the Outdoor Campus and walked the trails. The trees on either side of me crisscrossed like sticks of wood forming unique patterns. The pond was frozen over except for little patches on the edge. I wondered how many fish survived the winter. I walked over a bridge of flowing water and watched mallard ducks who were as excited as I was about such a glorious day. A squirrel dug so furiously his head disappeared until he popped up and nibbled on his hid-away treat.

The life around me dribbled soothing ointment into my mind and body. God’s pure creation does that for me, and I’m so glad I took the opportunity to enjoy it. A couple of times I just rested on a bench and soaked up sights and sounds. Though I didn’t see or hear a spring-heralding robin, I did hear birds calling to eachother. I thought I saw a woodpecker, but he flitted away too quickly for me to be sure. I think he was camera-shy.

As I let God’s power in His creation saturate my heart, I rested on and pleaded upon His power in my life. I asked Him for direction. I want Him to lead me. I want to follow. I want to lay down all my worries at the foot of Jesus Who says, “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30)

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