Oklahoma Disaster – Jesus Weeps


“Jesus wept.” Two words with indescribable meaning. Jesus wept with Mary and Martha. The heavy grief in their hearts over the loss of their brother pierced His compassionate heart. He wept with them. He wept for them. He wept with deep anguish in His soul.

And Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He still weeps. When a tornado’s whirlwind of destruction hit  in Oklahoma, He felt every heartbeat of anguish and fear. He wails with sorrow and bottomless compassion.

“God has a heart. And it hurts. Not with just a few drops of ache, not just with a slow drip of sadness — His whole massive heart fills, swells, burns with this raw, relentless pain.” (Ann Voskamp) I read this in Ann’s post just before I was going to write here. And since I can never word the feelings of my heart better than Ann does, today I’ll point you to her post – “How God Feels About Storms.”

care bear

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