The Savior Was Broken to Heal Broken Hearts


A Broken Heart Cries

Help me, Jesus,
I still feel so broken.
You were broken so I can be healed,
So why can’t I “feel” that?
Why am I so depressed?
Why am I so hard on myself?
Why do I condemn myself
When You don’t condemn me?
Why do I demand so much of myself
When You have already paid the full price?
Why can’t I live life
Fully and joyfully in You?
I believe in Your all-sufficient grace,
Powerful to push through my resistance,
Powerful to break down my false foundations,
Powerful to crash open the walls
Around my distrusting heart.
O precious Savior,
I believe You gave Yourself
To be broken
To heal our brokenness.
I don’t doubt Your power to heal,
But will You heal me, Lord?
Lord, I believe,
Help my unbelief.

” He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds
[curing their pains and their sorrows].”
Psalm 147:3 AMP

jesus carrying woman

The Savior Whispers

My precious child,
How long will you condemn yourself?
I was broken for you
To take away condemnation.
I love you so much
I died for you.
Yes, for you, too.
Because I was broken,
There is healing
For broken ones.
Because I was broken,
The full price is already paid.
You don’t have to keep paying
By beating up yourself.
I desire repentance
Not self-loathing.
You are Mine,
My beloved child,
Chosen, redeemed, cherished.
It saddens Me
When you don’t trust
My sacrifice to be enough,
My love to be full and free.
So many times in your life
I have picked you up
Bruised and bleeding
And given you courage
To walk again.
Will you not trust Me,
My child?
Take My hand, My child,
And let Me show you
The wonders of My love
My all-sufficient grace
My all-encompassing love
My all-powerful healing.
Focus not on whether
Your faith is lacking.
It’s not faith that saves you.
Focus on Me,
The object of Your faith,
Your only Savior.
I Am the Way
The Truth
The Life.
I will break down
Your false foundations,
Your walls,
Your resistance.
I will break down your will
To mold you to My will.
The journey will not be easy,
But I will be with you always
As you learn
Step by step
To trust
In Me alone.

Am I Worth Dying For?

Are you broken, bruised, and bleeding?
There is a Savior who was broken for you.
Because of His sacrifice, You can be healed.
The road may be rough,
But He is beside you always,
Because you are precious in His sight.


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16 thoughts on “The Savior Was Broken to Heal Broken Hearts

    1. Hi Katie. I was going to skip this week as I felt so broken. I cried, “God, I can’t do this…” I really wanted to die at the beginning of this week. I couldn’t think of what to write, but He nudged me to start writing out my prayer to Him, because there are others who are feeling the same way. Your post today really spoke to my heart as well, Katie. So blessed to be on this journey with you. Praying for your healing!


      1. Yes, there are others feeling this way. I have been right there with you this week (and last….). I’m glad you’re still here. I was blessed to read your words today. ❤


      2. Stonescry, I’m so grateful you were blessed. I’m so sorry you had a tough past couple of weeks. My heart aches for you, and I’m praying Jesus will give you strength for each day and peace for your hurting heart.


  1. “I desire repentance
    Not self-loathing.”

    I’ve heard that we don’t have to forgive ourselves, just to remember that God forgives us. Then we can walk in that freedom. It’s not always easy. Thanks for this, Trudy!


    1. Hi Melissa. No, it surely isn’t easy. I’m so glad Jesus cares so much and understands how hard it is for us. I keep trying to see myself in Jesus’ eyes as precious, beloved, and accepted, but it’s hard to when my default mode is loathing myself. It’s hard work to change it, isn’t it? Praying for you, Melissa.


  2. Trudy, persevere, my sister, in seeking that healing. It is still in process, so don’t be hard on yourself. God has allowed this in your life because He knows your heart and knows that this painful processing is for many others too who are going through this. Thank you for the courage to be vulnerable and chronicle this journey. You have no idea how the tender beauty of His glory just shines through here. Take heart, He is with you.


    1. Thank you so much for your loving encouragement, Sita. To be reminded that God is behind it all and He can still use a broken me gives me such hope. God bless you, friend. I’m blessed to have your support on this journey.


  3. Beautiful, beautiful words Trudy!
    Like you I struggled with this prompt… I’m glad you found your inspiration. I enjoy hearing what you have to say! 🙂


  4. That quote from Timothy Keller in your picture is so true. It’s not my faith per se that matters; it’s who my faith is in.

    We are so hard on ourselves, yes? Thanks for reminding me to ease up. We all are precious in His sight.


    1. Thank you, Lisa. That quote really spoke to me when I found it. I always feel like I have such a lack of faith, but it hit me that it’s not about how much faith we have but who we have it in.

      I’m so glad you were reminded to not be so hard on yourself and remember you are precious in His sight. 🙂 Seems I have to keep reminding myself. I so easily slip into that self-condemning mode. I’m blessed to have you on this journey with me, Lisa.


  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful conversation. It reminds me just how much He loves us and understands our brokenness – all the pieces. The faith quote was a great reminder too. You are such an encourager!


    1. Thank you, Michelle. Isn’t His understanding amazing? Your words at your blog – “I am His Child, Chosen and Loved, not for Chains, but for Freedom.” – still comfort my heart. Not for chains, but for freedom! I can’t always “feel” that freedom, but I want to trust His love is powerful to break all the chains. Praying God will heal your brokenness, Michelle.


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