Our Intercessor, Our Friend


Have you ever been wrongfully accused? Slandered? Betrayed by your friends?

I really hope you haven’t experienced this. But if you have… It hurts more deeply than words can express, doesn’t it?

My heart still cringes when I think of the lies some people have believed and spread about me, even though it was years ago. Even years later, many refuse to believe the truth. What hurts even deeper is that friends believed the lies. Friends who should have supported me left me. My heart still aches. I thought they were forever friends. Why wouldn’t they believe me?

Job knew this heartache. Imagine how ripped out his heart must have felt as his friends said the afflictions that were being heaped on him were because of certain sins he must have committed. Being judged like that had to be more devastating than the painful sores on his body. But God knew the truth.

Job appealed to the One who knew. He had an Intercessor, a Friend who went to bat for him. A Friend who would never condemn him. A Friend and Savior who not only died for him, but was raised to life for him. An Advocate who was sitting at God’s right hand, pleading for him.

“There must be Someone in heaven who knows the truth about me,
in highest heaven, some Attorney who can clear my name—
My Champion, my Friend,
while I’m weeping my eyes out before God.
I appeal to the One who represents mortals before God
as a neighbor stands up for a neighbor.”
Job 16:19-21 The Message

“Who then will condemn us? No one—
for Christ Jesus died for us
and was raised to life for us,
and He is sitting in the place of honor
at God’s right hand, pleading for us.”
Romans 8:34 NLT

We have such a Friend, too. Sitting at the right hand of God, ruling there with power. Always ready 24/7 to hear our cries and our pleas. He died for us, He lives for us, and now He pleads on our behalf. He is a faithful Intercessor, always concerned about us, never forgetful of us.

And while Jesus Christ intercedes for us in heaven, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us in our hearts. We are so weak in ourselves, not knowing what prayer to offer or how to offer it. And sometimes we can’t pray or don’t know how to word what pains us inside. But the Spirit within us knows what we need much more than we do ourselves. He knows, feels, and cares about those deepest pains in our hearts that maybe nobody else knows. He understands all the feelings we can’t even put in words. He sends up our needs with groaning too deep for words. He pleads for us and desires to comfort us through whatever we must go through. He hushes our fears and soothes our anxieties. He regenerates, renews, and restores us. He frees us and empowers us to move forward. And He works in us to melt our wills into the will of God.

“In the same way the Spirit [comes to us and] helps us in our weakness.
We do not know what prayer to offer or how to offer it as we should,
but the Spirit Himself [knows our need and at the right time]
intercedes on our behalf with sighs and groanings too deep for words.”
Romans 8:26 AMP

Job had a Friend and Intercessor and so do we. One who knows better than anyone what betrayal and slander feel like. No, we will not always get what we want. Betrayals will not always be resolved and healed. Slander seeds may still drift around and sprout. The lies about us may not get erased. But this one thing we know. We have a Friend that will never, ever betray us, One who always knows the truth and who will always go to bat for us.

“Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place”
by Cece Winans

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Our Three-in-One God,
Please come and fill our hearts.



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28 thoughts on “Our Intercessor, Our Friend

  1. Trudy, yes, I have been slandered and its sting and repercussions live on, especially as you say when it is done by those held dear. In fact that is one thing I have been processing these past few weeks. Satan always uses this to attack you at your core, where your ‘identity’ lies. Then I think about Jesus, the Son of God, holy and unblemished, yet endured accusations and lies that went to the core of He was, the Perfect One. How He could still die for us, and take that very sin of slander on Himself, so we could get forgiveness and access to the Father, is beyond my grasp. Thank you yet again for such a relevant and ministering post. ((HUGS))


    • Sita, I am so sorry you experienced slander. How true that it attacks us at our core where our “identity” lies. It’s so hard to process, isn’t it? But yes, if we can focus on Jesus who endured much worse for our sakes, we can get through it all. So incomprehensible what He did for us! Your thoughts on Jesus have blessed me today. Praying Jesus will give you strength each day and hold you close to your true identity in Him! Hugs!


  2. I’m so sorry you were hurt by people you cared so much about, Trudy. I know personally how deeply that hurts. Thank you for always using your story so openly here to shine the light of Christ. Sadly, I far too often forget the Holy Spirit lives in me. He is our own personal, built in best friend :). Thank you for your encouragement today! I love that song too. Many blessings and much love to you, my friend.


    • Thank you for your support and understanding, Candace. I’m so sorry you had to experience that hurt. I, too, often forget the Holy Spirit lives in me. I love how you call Him “our own personal, built in best friend.” 🙂 Blessings and love to you, too, my friend. Praying the Holy Spirit will give you peace in Him and fill your heart with the words to write for your book! Hugs!


  3. This is so so good Trudy. Such an encouragement and I love this song. When I am struggling with my own heart and head issues this is the song I sing …. my battle cry…..”Holy Spirit come and fill this place.”


    • Thank you, Karmen. I’m so glad you were encouraged. I’m so sorry for all the struggles you go through. I just found this song, and I love it, too. It truly is a “battle cry.” May the Holy Spirit fill your heart and give you healing with His warm embrace! May He also give you further courage to tell your story! Hugs!


      • Thank you! I am not as deep into the struggle as I once was, but I know that others are and to hear your thoughts and/or experiences in an others words can be a battle cry of its own that let’s you know you are not alone on the battlefield, there is an army who will fight with you and for you, and who knows what the battle is like.


      • I’m grateful the struggle isn’t as deep as it was, Karmen, and I’m so happy we can support each other. I always feel less alone when I read your posts, too, my warrior friend on this battlefield. 🙂


  4. HI Trudy! I can’t imagine knowing that someone has a bad impression of me, and there’s nothing I can do to change it. How hard! Not to mention unfair.
    But yes, we do have the love of God and His grace to overcome our feelings of inferiority and hurt. What a great point about Job too. He thought his friends would help him, and honestly, they just made him feel worse.
    May I always trust that God knows me the best, and will defend and love me always.
    God bless,


    • As always, thank you for your compassion, Ceil. You said “May I always trust that God knows me the best.” That brings to my mind what my husband used to tell me and still does sometimes – “God knows the truth.” It helps to focus on that and His love and grace. God be with you, my “twirling” friend. 🙂 Praying God will pull you ever deeper into His love and grace! Hugs!


  5. Sister Trudy, I’ve been without a computer for a couple of months and finally got a new one set up. I have been spending the last couple of days (besides writing) trying to visit and read what my brothers and sisters have to share. When I have missed so many posts, I usually like to browse and go back a bit, but your Nov. 10 post caught my eye! Why? Because I see a pattern in the Spirit and I know the Holy Spirit is quickening His Church to become more and more united in the spirit of love!
    Just as Jesus is our example in ALL things, He is truly our example in intercession! What better way to express through action your unconditional love for the Lord and for others through the Lord but my intercession for others! We may never know what the answer was, for that matter, we may not even know what we are praying for as the Spirit intercedes, but we do know that as the Father loves us, so we must love one another.
    I know the pain you feel concerning how others perceive you! I am 63 years old, been “attempting” to serve the Lord since I was 16! I still remember some of the comments at different stages of my life, but it HAS made me sensitive to others and their hurts. I am disabled due to a serious accident years ago and boy talk about being told it was due to sin!! And from Pastors who should’ve known better! But–Jesus Christ NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us just as you stated! He is our strength, our comfort, or teacher and champion through His Spirit!
    I can look back and praise Him and glorify Him for each and every comment (not that it didn’t hurt immensely then) but I am who I am today because of His love and His willingness to reach down with His strong hands and pick me up! What a God we serve!! I owe everything to Him and it is with such joy that I read articles like yours that are becoming more and more prevalent as the Holy Spirit touches the hearts and spirits of His people.
    I will read some more Sis, and am so glad that you are still serving (ministering) for with sadness I have had to delete several links to sites that are no longer there!! Our Lord knows and so with gladness of heart, I pray for God’s abundant blessings to you and yours as you continue in your love to our Lord and to each and everyone of us who pass through your site!
    (Everyone on my Blog list that I follow, I pray for Sis!)


    • Thank you for your prayers and support, Pastor Roland. My heart cringed when I read that some people said your getting disabled was because of some sin. I know the feeling. I’m sorry you had to deal with all that on top of being disabled. But yes, Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. And as you write, you are who you are today “because of His love and His willingness to reach down with His strong hands and pick me up!” Deeper pains lead us to deeper lessons and knowledge of our Savior, don’t they? May the Holy Spirit fill you with strength for each day and light for the way!


  6. Trudy,
    I just cherish the promise that Jesus is the friend who never leaves us and wants us to invite him into our hurts, especially those by others that so often wound deeply. I love how you mention Job in today’s post since it’s hard to imagine his pain on top of pain that well-meaning friends inflicted, though they were so misguided. When we read God’s response to Job’s friends, it gives such comfort that God cared about how his friends treated him and spoke about God! Thank you for always pointing us toward hope in the words you share, friend! xo


    • Hi Valerie. Yes, isn’t it such a precious promise that Jesus is a Friend who cares and never leaves us? A Truth that has brought us through so much, right? He not only cares, but He heals our hurts. Amazing grace! Praying you will be filled with His promises through this journey of life! Hugs!


  7. I’ve experienced this too, and it is one of the worst hurts. When you find out people whom you thought were your friends and believed the best about you, betray you? It’ s like a knife in the heart. So thankful we have Jesus, and the examples in the Bible who can relate to these kinds of hurts and know how to minister to our hearts.


    • I’m so sorry you experienced this, too, Alecia. Yes, it really is like a knife in the heart. I’m so glad Jesus understands and cares and gets us through it. And that He’ll never, ever betray us or abandon us. May we together lean on Jesus for comfort and healing! Hugs!


  8. This resonates all too well for me also Trudy… The hardest part I’ve found is not revisiting what they did (in my mind) after I forgave them. :/
    Thank God that we know HE is for us! When we feel like we are being attacked from every angle, He is interceding on our behalf! Thanks so much for this confirmation my friend!!! 🙂


    • I’m so sorry you have experienced this, Krista. I well know what you mean about revisiting it in our minds. I have that trouble, too. 😦 Yes, thank God we know HE is for us! I’m so glad this was confirmed to your heart. We may need to remind each other from time to time, right? Praying Jesus will hold you close and daily confirm to your heart that He is with you and you are precious to Him! Hugs!


  9. Hi Trudi- Thank you for sharing this beautiful truth that God is our advocate and fighting for us- Our defender and protector – I love the verses you chose – and the truth you so beautifully share- Thanks so much Trudi – sending much love and hugs tonight


    • You’re welcome, Susie. It truly is a beautiful truth, isn’t it? Our Advocate, Defender, and Protector. He will keep us in His grip and no one can snatch us from His hands. Praying He will give you rest and peace in your heart and show you how “epic” you are in His eyes! Sending you love and hugs, too, Susie!


  10. I’m so sorry you’ve experienced such betrayal, Trudy. It hits harder when fellow Christians turn against us, doesn’t it? My husband experienced dreadful work-place harassment, bullying and character defamation from professing believers and it caused him to not only lose his job but have a major breakdown too. Such things take years to recover from, although their sting and scars remains to some extent.
    The beautiful song is our heart’s cry. Yes, come Holy Spirit. Come into all our wounded and painful places, our hurting hearts, our broken bodies and minds. Come bring Your healing, restoration and deliverance. And help us to rest in Jesus being the Victor over every battle we may face. To be at peace in the midst of painful circumstances as we trust for help to come. May we be able to stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord in this day and this hour. In Jesus’ mighty Name, Amen.


    • Thank you for your compassion and understanding, Joy. Yes, it is harder when fellow Christians turn against us. I’m so sorry your husband experienced such awful things from professing believers and even lost his job and had a breakdown from it. That must hurt so deeply. I find myself praying along with you – “Yes, come Holy Spirit. Come into all our wounded and painful places, our hurting hearts, our broken bodies and minds. Come bring Your healing, restoration and deliverance.” Amen! May we together rest more and more in Jesus as our Victor! Hugs!


    • I’m so sorry you’re going through a recent betrayal, Elizabeth. It must be pretty raw yet. I’m so glad you were encouraged. Remember Jesus will never, ever betray you or abandon you! He loves you so much and weeps with you! Praying He will hold you so close to His heart that you will hear the rhythm of His unfailing love for you and that He will give you healing from these hurts! Hugs!


  11. My heart has experienced betrayal at some point in my life. It’s not easy. It’s hard to understand why someone would think differently about you and spread lies. I am so sorry this happened to you. I am thankful we have a friend in Jesus who sticks closer to us than a brother. He will never, ever betray us!


    • Thank you for your kindness, Barbie. I’m so sorry it happened to you, too. Yes, it’s a comfort to know we have a Friend who will never, ever betray us! May He hold you close, strengthen you, and give you ever deeper healing! Hugs!


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