August Hope Whispers

Messages and chalk creations on lawns and sidewalks or in windows breathe hope as they encourage love and kindness.

Every seed of kindness we plant,

However small, noticed or unnoticed,

Can bloom hope in the heart of a hurting soul,

A soul aching to be loved and cared about.

Every tiny seed planted will grow

And sprinkle seeds to others,

Making a difference in the lives of many.

Lessons from Charlotte’s Web

Recently Charlotte’s Web was on TV, not the animated one, but the one with real life people and animals who talk. It brought back such fond memories. I loved that book as a child!

The right words can change someone’s world for the better.

Kindness unrecognized doesn’t make it any less of a kindness. (When Wilbur was taken back from the fair to the farm, Charlotte died alone at the fairgrounds. She showed kindness from her loving heart, not for recognition.)

Having a true friend is a tremendous thing. (Charlotte had saved Wilbur’s life, and Wilbur wondered what he could do for her. Charlotte told him he has been a friend.)

Acts of kindness have a ripple effect in many lives. (After Charlotte’s kindness to Wilbur, many people started acting kinder to each other.)

Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.

Nature is a Retreat of Hope

“All God’s creatures are a unique expression of life,
whether on earth for 100 days or 100 years.”
Anthony Douglas 

Thank you to my brother John for these stunning photos.
(🙂 Please respect copyright laws. 🙂)

Couch’s Spadefoot – Did you know they spend up to 10 months buried underground and come out during the monsoon season to breed?
My, what big ears you have! “The better to hear you with, my dear!” 🙂
Big feet for balancing 🙂

Here in SD, I have only seen one Dove species, the Mourning Dove, but John was able to capture photos of the five main dove species in his area of Arizona.

Common Ground Dove
Eurasian Collared Dove
Inca Dove
Mourning Dove
White-Winged Dove


24 thoughts on “August Hope Whispers

  1. Charlotte’s Web was my absolute favorite as a child, too, Trudy! And as you’ve noted here, there are lessons we can learn from it even as adults. I loved John’s photos, too. Never knew there were any doves other than the mourning dove – wow! Thank you, my friend, for sharing such uplifting thoughts and pics. God bless!

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    1. Yes, there are great lessons in it, Martha, and I was delighted to be reminded of that book. 🙂 It amazes me, too, that there are more doves than the mourning dove. It was only recently that my brother was able to photograph the elusive Inca Dove. I’m so glad you were uplifted here. God bless you, too! May we always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder!


  2. I love your post today, Trudy. It is so beautiful and inspiring. 🙂
    The other day I came across a yard sign that said “God’s Got This”, and it felt like a direct message from God to me that day. 🙂 There was also some sidewalk chalk art on the trails here, and it was so encouraging and uplifting. I am so grateful for all those who take the time to send out those encouraging words.
    Thank you for all your encouragement. You are a beautiful light in this world.
    I think sometimes we forget that we are all a light. Sometimes we can only feel the darkness, but there is a little light burning within every one of us. Thomas Rhett has a song out called “Be A Light”, and it reminds me that even though I don’t always think that I am a person who has any light to give, that I can still try to shine. I’ve been through a lot of darkness lately as you know, and it has been hard for me to find my light. But I’m trying. 🙂
    Thank you for all you share.
    I hope you have a beautiful day! 🙂


    PS. And thank you for sharing John’s pictures. They’re beautiful!

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    1. About John’s pictures…
      The dove has been a symbol to me for a long time now, so that was a message to me from God too. 🙂
      There is a pair of doves that lives in the tree right outside my window in town here, and when I lived in the country there was a pair of doves that lived in the tree right outside my window there too. They follow me wherever I go. 🙂 They are like God’s symbol of love and promise that is always there for me.

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      1. That’s so amazing, Shelley. God’s loving provision to you. He knows what you’re going through more than anyone does. “God’s symbol of love and promise” that is always there for us! Yes! Thank you for sharing this with me, dear niece. 🙂


    2. I’m so grateful you were inspired here, Shelley. Also that God sends you direct messages to encourage your soul. Thank you for your loving, kind words and for introducing that song to me. It brings tears to my eyes and speaks the longing of my heart. Yes, I know you’re going through a lot of darkness and it’s hard to believe you have any light to give. I know the feeling. But in Jesus, we can shine a light. Truly, you have encouraged me more often than you realize. I hope you have a beautiful day, too! May we “in a world full of hate, be a light!”


  3. Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging words here, Trudy. I loved your poem/prayer at the beginning. Truly every seed planted in kindness will reap a harvest, even if we don’t see it right away. Those were all such sweet lessons from Charlotte’s Web. His works are filled with wisdom! I read “Stuart Little” again as an adult with my own kids, and was surprised at the lessons hidden within! May we indeed keep our eyes watching for wonder. Blessings, love, and hugs to you Dear friend! Xoxo

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    1. I’m so glad you were encouraged here, Bettie. Though I wrote that poem for a 2016 post, God brought it to my attention again. I needed the reminder to just plant one seed of love and kindness at a time, because even one seed makes a difference, whether or not we see it grow. Thank you for reminding me of Stuart Little. Yes, those books hold such great lessons, ones we need so much today. Blessings, love, and hugs to you, too! May our weary souls search out and really see the wonders!
      P.S. It just came to mind how a woman asked in Charlotte’s Web, “What’s so miraculous in a spider’s web?” Someone replied, “Can you spin one?” Even without the words in it, spider webs truly are a wonder, aren’t they?

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  4. Oh how the world needs a reminder to be kind more than ever before! So much anxiety, hostility, mistrust and fear has surfaced since the arrival of Covid-19 (and our immediate gratitude for the coronavirus heroes has dimmed a little) that being kind and thoughtful to one another has become a greater challenge for many. Thank you for profiling it here, Trudy, and helping us see the importance of making it a priority. I also love the mention of Charlotte’s Web and the lessons it has to teach us. Your brother’s excellent photos are a joy and delight once again! And informative too because I’d wrongly assumed there was only one Dove species as well. Life has daily lessons for us as we open our minds, eyes and hearts to receive them! I never tire of awakening to wonder especially in the created world, and in the lovely things you share here. Blessings, love and grateful hugs! xo 😊❤️

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    1. Yes, it truly is sad, isn’t it? I noticed, too, that coronavirus heroes aren’t recognized as much. There used to be a lot more chalk messages and signs thanking them. I was happy to see one a few days ago in front of a school that said, “Thank you, Teachers!” And it’s nice to still see at hospitals things like – Heroes live here! There are more of us who didn’t realize there were more than one Dove species, including myself. 🙂 I do know there are white ones, too. Many years ago, we raised them. At that time, young married couples would let them fly away at their weddings. 🙂 Yes, the created world holds so many wonders! May “our minds, eyes and hearts” be open wide to receive them! Blessings, love and hugs to you, too, Joy!

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  5. Beautiful post, Trudy! I love all the little messages of hope. One of the lovely things over the last few months has been seeing those little messages written on the pavement or posters put up in people’s windows to bring a bit of hope and encouragement. I liked the lessons from Charlotte’s Web too, and I always love to see John’s photos. The variety of God’s creation is amazing! Love and blessings to you!

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    1. Thank you, Lesley. I love those messages of hope and encouragement, too. So apparently it’s happening in your neighborhood, too. 🙂 Yes, it’s amazing how many different creatures there are and how God uniquely designs and equips them. Love and blessings to you, too! May our hearts open wide to the hope and encouragement God gives us in so many ways!

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  6. I didn’t know there was a Charlotte’s Web that wasn’t animated, Trudy! I love that story, and also the lessons about kindness and friendship that you gleaned from it. And, as usual, your brother’s photographs are stunning! Hugs, friend.

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    1. I didn’t either, Lois, until I came across it as I was trying to find something uplifting on TV. 🙂 It seems these days we need it even more, don’t we? I hope you are getting your blog woes fixed. And I hope Lilly and all of you are doing okay with her away from home in college. May the kindness and compassion of our Savior fill our hearts and spill out to everyone around us!


  7. Ahhh, Trudy. Your place is a breath of fresh air. I loved the reminder of the beautiful truths from Charlotte’s Web. I have always loved that story too. And the kindness that this story encourages is beautiful. I didn’t know there are so many different kinds of doves. It seems like for the past few years, we’ve had Eurasian collared doves making nests on the trellis above our decks. I always thought they were mourning doves. So nice to know what they actually are.

    Thanks for always being an encourager!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jeanne. I’m so glad you find this a breath of fresh air. It’s so nice you have a name to the doves. So cool that they have a nest nearby! May the fresh air of God’s love and grace revive our spirits and keep us going in this troubling time!

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    1. Thank you, Adele. I just tried posting at your blog, but nothing shows up. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your blog, even though I don’t always comment. Your photos are stunning, and the facts you write about foxes and other creatures are interesting. May we always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder!

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      1. Thank you! Really appreciate that. For some reason, WordPress put your comment in the spam filter (why, I’ve no idea) but I’ve received it now 🙂
        Thank you so much for your beautiful, encouraging, thought-provoking blog!

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    1. A beautiful reminder, Linda. This reminds me of the hymn – “On the wings of a snow white dove, God sends His pure sweet love…” May the precious Holy Spirit comfort us in these trying times!


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