Child Slavery and Human Trafficking

human trafficking

Words fail me when I think of those who suffer in the chains of human trafficking. God never, never,never wants anyone to be bought and sold as cattle and treated as brutalized slaves with no rights or respect.

Beautiful Slave Song about Child Slavery and Human Trafficking by Take No Glory

The following and more information can be found at FBI’s Help for Victims of Trafficking.

No one can:

  • Force you to work against your will;
  • Collect a debt by using threats or forcing you to work to pay the debt;
  • Force you to work using threats to harm you or your family;
  • Force or pressure you into prostitution or to do other sexual acts;
  • Use you for any kind of sex work if you are under 18;
  • Take away your passport, birth certificate, or identification card to control you or your movements.

If any of these things has happened to you, you might be a victim of a serious crime.

You are not alone. Please talk to us. We can help you.

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