January Hope Whispers

This is the front flap of a card from years ago that I found recently and now use for a bookmark. We certainly need a lot of reminders that God is still in control these days, don’t we?

But GOD…
Nothing Is Too Difficult for Him!

“My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the rock and strength
of my heart and my portion forever.”
Psalm 73:26

“Oh, Lord God! Behold, You Yourself
have made the heavens and the earth
by Your great power and
by Your outstretched arm! 
Nothing is too difficult for You.”
Jeremiah 32:17

Take This Out of My Hands, Lord!

“…So, when it feels like all of this pain is never gonna end
Brought to my knees by all of these things
I don’t understand, don’t understand
I will let the weight of my fear fall like sand
Out of my hands and into Yours
Out of my hands and into Yours

Take this out of my hands
Take this out of my hands
Take this out of my hands
It’s out of my hands

There ain’t nothing that You can’t handle
God, You are strong enough
Only You can take this out of my hands, out of my hands
You’re greater than all my sorrows
Worthy of all my trust
Thank You, Lord, that this is out of my hands, out of my hands…”

Nature Is a Retreat of Hope

“I love to think of nature
as an unlimited broadcasting station
through which God speaks to us every hour
if we will only tune in.”
George Washington Carver

Thank you to my brother John
for these stunning photos.
🙂 Please respect copyright laws. 🙂

White Crested Sparrows
Redhead Male Duck
Great Egret
Northern Pintail Male Ducks
Agua Caliente, Arizona
Huerfano Butte, Arizona
Do you see the holes in the rock? They were made by the Hohokam people who lived there probably around 1000 years ago. They made the holes over a long period of time to grind mesquite beans for flour.

36 thoughts on “January Hope Whispers

  1. What a wonderful collection of hope-filled encouragement, Trudy. I’ve enjoyed hearing the song on the radio and the verses are so comforting. And those pictures … wow! Love and hugs to you, my friend.

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    1. Thank you, Lois. “Wow!” is exactly what I say when my brother’s pics come into my email. 🙂 I’m grateful you found hope here. Yes, the song’s verses are so comforting. We try so hard to keep ourselves together, don’t we? May we release our grasping for control and surrender to the ONE who is on our side and can do anything! Love and hugs to you, too, my friend!


  2. Dear Trudy, these are tremendous, hope-filled thoughts, reassuring bible verses, and a beautifully encouraging song, reminding us as it does of God’s very real strength and presence in every storm. Thank you for this great combination of uplifting images and words to warm our hearts. Your brother’s stunning photographs never fail to make me smile! That alone is a real tonic during this darkest of winters full of death and dread with Covid-19. Blessings, love and grateful hugs! xo ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Joy. I’m so glad this uplifted your heart with hope. I consider my brother’s photos a real tonic during this dark winter. Have you received a vaccine yet? Blessings, love, and hugs to you, too! May our hearts remember God is our strength and presence in every storm!

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      1. Yes, they are! No, I haven’t received a vaccine yet. We’re quite a way down the waiting list as they’re vaccinating the NHS workers and those who have greater clinical needs than ours first, followed by care homes and older age groups downwards. So we might be fortunate enough to get one by spring. How about you and your husband? xo ❤️

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        1. I think it will take a while to get to us, too. I think they’re finished with frontline workers and nursing homes, etc. Now they’re working on 80 and over. Our clinic told us they will contact us when it’s available for us. XO to you, too!

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  3. Trudy, this post was uplifting for my spirit. Our family has had a rough week on many fronts. Words and verses of hope speak in new ways right now.

    “My flesh and my heart may fail,
    But God is the rock and strength
    of my heart and my portion forever.”
    Psalm 73:26

    I love the truth in this verse in particular. And, as always, your brother’s photos are stunning! Thanks for being a place of hope and refuge, friend.

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    1. Oh Jeanne, I’m so sorry your family had a rough week on many fronts. I’m so glad the truth of that verse spoke hope to your heart. Thank you on behalf of my brother. Yes, his photos are stunning. Praying for you right now that God will give you grace and strength for whatever you’re going through! May His tender loving care uphold and guide each of you!


    1. Welcome, Danielle and Brooke. And thank you. You must have lots of adventure as you visit different countries and design according to their culture. May God protect, guide, and strengthen you!


  4. Thank you Dear Trudy for offering such hope and comfort in this very heavy season! I paused with the photo of your card for the longest time. The waves have felt relentless this week for both myself and my husband, but it’s so good to remember that our Lord is with us and will bring us to HIS safe shore. Please thank your brother for sharing such beauty with us! Blessings, love, and prayers for you Dear friend! Xo

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    1. Isn’t that photo soothing? God and His love will still shine even when we’re surrounded by the storm clouds of life. I’m so glad it gave you hope and comfort, Bettie. I have thought of you a lot this week, and I pray the treatment helps you. Was your husband’s test this week also? May God carry you both through this stormy season! Yes, in His time, He WILL bring us to HIS safe shore! Blessings, love, and prayers for you, too, dear friend! May our hearts remember the troubles in this life are nothing compared to the glory that will come hereafter!

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      1. Yes, Trudy, my husband had some of his tests, in preparation for valve replacement surgery. But in those tests they found more things that need to be looked at, so he will be having additional tests these next few weeks. I appreciate your prayers so very much!

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  5. Wow. Finding that card was sheer gift for such a time as this! Thank you for sharing the beautiful assurances and hope that comes only from our Savior.

    And yes, please, to photos of God’s stunning creation. What an imagination He has! Thanks for your brother for sharing …

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    1. God works in mysterious ways to bring us gifts at the right time, doesn’t He, Linda? It so happened I bumped the desk drawer, not remembering it was still open. So everything tumbled onto the floor, paper clips, tacks, etc. Including that card. 🙂 Now I’m using it as a bookmark, so I’ll be reminded. 🙂 May our hearts open up wide to all the hope our Savior delights to give us!


  6. Yes, I definitely still need reminders that God is control. I listen to that Jeremy Camp song often in my car! Even the past few days. I was supposed to be at our granddaughter’s 3rd birthday party today, but instead I’m quarantined in my bedroom. My daughter got sick when I was at her house Wed/Thur. She got a covid test and is awaiting results. She is fine now, but because I was potentially exposed, I came home and am quarantining as well. Hope she hears today that it’s negative!

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    1. Oh Lisa, I’m so sorry. I hope she soon hears she’s negative. It’s too bad the results don’t come faster. I know you were looking forward to your granddaughter’s birthday party. I’m sorry for this disappointment. So much uncertainty. May God fill us with His ever-certain love and hope in this trying time!


      1. We heard back this morning that my daughter tested negative for covid! We’re all thrilled about it. If we had known, we could have kept the party as scheduled. But life doesn’t always work that way. God can take this and use it however he wants to. Blessings to you, friend

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    1. I’m so grateful you found hope and encouragement here, Lesley. I know it has been such a tough time for you. It’s hard to understand that just when God opened doors for you, they seem to have slammed shut. I know you’re doing some zoom time, but your heart aches to again give hugs to those who desperately need it. I hope and pray that soon you will be able to minister again face to face to those who so need your love and empathy. May God give us the grace and patience to wait for His time and His way!

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