March Hope Whispers

Truths That Breathe Hope

❤️ God’s Love Faithfully Remains With Us ❤️

“Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid or terrified because of them,
for the Lord your God goes with you;
He will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

❤️ God’s Love Graciously Forgives Us ❤️

“In Him we have redemption through His blood, 
the forgiveness of sins,
in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.”
Ephesians 1:7 NIV

❤️ God’s Love Fully Frees Us ❤️

“Because of the sacrifice of the Messiah,
His blood poured out on the altar of the Cross,
we’re a free people—free of penalties and punishments
chalked up by all our misdeeds.
And not just barely free, either.
Abundantly free!”
Ephesians 1:7 The Message

“When I’m kicking and screaming
When I struggle believing
God, You are always faithful
No matter what
When my eyes cannot see it
And my heart doesn’t feel it
God, You are always faithful
No matter what
No matter what…”

Spring Breathes Hope

The robins are here! Yes! Even though we’re still having cold days, it’s a sign that breathes life and hope. We so need that in these troubling times, don’t we? What part of spring breathes hope in your heart?

🦋 “And springtime rallies at the touch of the breath of God.” – Unknown

🦋 “Spring is far more than just a changing of seasons; it’s a rebirth of the spirit.” – Toni Sorenson

🦋 “A life without love is like a year without spring.” – Octavian Paler

Our Suffering Matters to God

All the violence, abuse of power, and painful losses in this troubling world is devastating. So many are suffering loss and pain at home and abroad. Because of this, we may tend to beat ourselves up when we murmur over our own troubles and struggles.

Do you ever minimize your own troubles because others have it worse? Do you ever feel selfish when you feel complaints in your heart over your own suffering? This month God used this blog post to remind me our struggles are always valid to Him. And it’s both necessary and healthy to acknowledge and grieve our own suffering. – Your Suffering Is Valid, Even When Others Have It Worse by Shannon.

“I understand what we are trying to do when we play down our troubles because they are small in comparison to what others are experiencing. We’re trying to put things in perspective so we can be grateful, avoid feeling sorry for ourselves, and be compassionate to others. However, I think minimizing our troubles can sometimes be harmful. It leads us to ignore our feelings, which can increase our stress, cause feelings of self-doubt, harm our self-esteem, and heighten our anxiety.”

“We’re not required to choose between acknowledging either our suffering or their suffering; we can acknowledge both our suffering and their suffering.”

Shannon from Of The Hearth

Nature Retreat

“Perhaps the butterfly is proof
that you can go through a great deal of darkness
yet become something beautiful.”
– Beau Taplin –

“Just when the caterpillar
thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly.”
– Chang Tzu –

I’ve been thinking lately of how a butterfly must struggle first to become beautiful and freed to fly. So this month my heart feels nudged to share some of the butterfly photos I took in 2012 at the butterfly house and to remember why I named this site Freed to Fly.

24 thoughts on “March Hope Whispers

  1. Trudy, such beautiful butterfly photos! I love them all! And yes, our sufferings do matter to God. He is with us through every single one. He gives us strength and peace. Blessings to you! xo

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    1. Thank you, Gayl. Butterflies are such awesome signs of God’s faithfulness, aren’t they? I’m so grateful He gives us strength for each moment. Blessings and xo to you, too! May we open our hearts to God’s hope and peace that He loves to give us!

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  2. It seems like your brother isn’t the only talented photographer in the family, Trudy! Butterflies always make my heart sing and rejoice in God’s creation. I can’t wait to see them in the wild once this weather gets just a bit warmer. I also think that we shouldn’t minimize our times of suffering and sadness. When we deal with our own, I believe we create more empathy in our hearts for others who are going through tough times.

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    1. Oh Martha, I am so looking forward to see them in the wild again, too! God always reminds me of His faithful love and care when I see them. Concerning suffering, this is so true – “When we deal with our own, I believe we create more empathy in our hearts for others who are going through tough times.” Blessings to you, too! May God give us grace to comfort others with the same comfort He has comforted us with!


  3. Trudy your post is beautiful. I feel like I could just sit and soak in all of the Hope, Joy and beauty right here the rest of the day! Thank you for re-focusing my mind on Hope and sharing the beauty of creation in those butterflies!

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    1. Thank you, Donna. I’m so glad you found hope, joy, and beauty here! We truly need to keep refocusing on that, don’t we? Finding these old photos helped me, too. God has often in the past comforted me with a butterfly fluttering by. This makes me think of some months ago when flowers were delivered to me from my sister. When I called her and thanked her and said there were even two butterflies in it, she said that was totally a God-thing as she didn’t ask for that this time. God always knows what we need, doesn’t He? May our hearts open wide to the hope God is always so willing to give us!


  4. So very true, Trudy. And yet it’s so easy to lay aside our suffering as not worthy of attention, isn’t it?

    Recently I purchased a book written by my (former) Compel mentor, as it was about how to be there for others through their cancer battles and I felt it would help me be present to family and friends going through cancer (either themselves or their loved ones). But when I started reading it, I cried and cried as the author described the very fears and pain I had been experiencing myself as a Mama and wife, not with cancer but a heart condition that comes with so many unknowns also. It was like God saying to me: “Anna, I see it. I see it all. Now let me love you and comfort you.”

    Those butterflies are so beautiful too and I love the lyrics of that song too. Your posts are always such a gift – such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being faithful to share the comfort God gives you with us all.

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    1. Oh yes, Anna, I find it so easy to lay aside my own suffering, too. I’m so grateful God gave you a breath of fresh air to read this. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that heart condition and all the unknowns. Tears are in my eyes as I read how God led you to read that book and spoke such words to your heart. Thank you for sharing that. May we remember He sees it all and wants us to allow Him to love and comfort us!


  5. Trudy, thank you for this beautiful post! I loved seeing your butterfly photos. Three days before my dear Mom died, she partially crossed over. It gave her a foretaste of heaven that she was able to come back and share with us. The nurse could hardly believe her eyes as she saw Mom dying, then saw her come back to life just a short time later. LONG story, but the reason I mentioned it is that when I asked Mom what she saw when she had that experience, one of the things her little frail voice replied was, “Butterflies. I saw butterflies!” I had never thought about butterflies being in heaven, but it all made sense as my cousin said, “Cheryl, she was getting ready to get her wings.” Now, every single time I see a butterfly, I think of my precious mother and how she is at rest where all is peace and joy forever. Your post reminded me of all that today, so thank you.

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    1. Oh Cheryl, it gave me goosebumps to read the story of your mom seeing butterflies. Thank you so much for sharing that! I’m so sorry you lost her, but I’m so grateful she now experiences peace and joy forever. And that God continues to comfort you through butterflies. May we be freed to fly through and for Jesus!


  6. Trudy, what a beautiful post. I, too, have been the one who minimizes my own struggles and suffering because it seems so small and inconsequential compared to the big things others are going through. God has reminded me that my suffering is not inconsequential to me, and it is valid to feel the struggle with it. God uses our struggles in our individual lives to make us into who He’s created us to be. There is nothing trivial about what we struggle with and the suffering we face.

    I LOVED your butterfly photos!!

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    1. I love what God reminds you, Jeanne. This is such a powerful truth – “God uses our struggles in our individual lives to make us into who He’s created us to be. There is nothing trivial about what we struggle with and the suffering we face.” Thank you for this important reminder! May we open our hearts more and more to God’s compassionate and tender-loving care!


    1. “Another spring comes without fail!” Yes! Thank you, Lynn. It’s so amazing that God remains faithful even when we are not. 🙂 May we be ever in awe of God’s wonders!


  7. Trudy, such wonderful verses, quotes and those butterfly pictures! I love them all but I think the green and black one is my favorite … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a butterfly with that color scheme. 🙂 Your month-end posts are always so encouraging, my friend … love, hugs and Happy April to you.

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    1. That green and black one is beautiful, Lois. It’s amazing what variety the butterfly house here has. Thank you for your kind words. Love, hugs, and Happy April to you, too! May our hearts rest in the unconditional, faithful, and bottomless love of our Savior!


  8. God’s love means everything to me. You are part of that love, Trudy! Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts and photos. I love the butterflies. They remind me that we are meant to live free.

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    1. We could never make it through life without God’s love, could we, Lisa? How sweet to say I’m a part of that love. I can honestly say the same for you. 🙂 I love how butterflies remind you we are meant to live free. May we fly free in and for Jesus!

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  9. Trudy, the colors of those butterflies have certainly caught my attention tonight! What a Creative Creator we love and serve! I had no idea that’s where your theme came from … what WONDERFUL inspiration, friend!

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    1. Yes! We do have such a Creative Creator, Linda! God lately reminded me of the purpose of this website and gave me renewed hope and strength. 🙂 May we hope on in HIS strength and HIS faithful care over us!


  10. Thank you for sharing Shannon’s wisdom, Trudy: “We can acknowledge both our suffering and their suffering.” Wise advice, indeed. Also greatly appreciate the butterfly photos. Beautiful reminders of our Father’s creativity and loving care.

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    1. Yes, her wise advice really touched my heart, too, Nancy. I’m so glad the butterflies remind you of our Father’s creativity and loving care. May we be freed to fly for Him and through Him!


  11. I love the butterfly photos, Trudy, and it’s great to be reminded of the reason for your website title. The image of a butterfly fighting to emerge and fly free is powerful. I love that you have been able to do that and that you share that freedom and beauty here. The quote is helpful too. I agree, it’s easy to minimise our own suffering when we look at others who have it worse, but God cares about it all whether it’s big or small. Love and blessings to you!

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    1. “The image of a butterfly fighting to emerge and fly free is powerful.” So true, Lesley. God has truly blessed us both in releasing us from the captivity of abuse and giving us freedom to fly in and for Him. Love and blessings to you, too! May we keep our eyes on Jesus as the Savior and Healer of our wounded hearts!

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