Jesus’ Love Blooms Forever


It’s so sad to see summer slowly creeping away. The flowers aren’t as vibrant. The birds are fewer at the bird feeder. I hear less songs. Even when the birds do sing, they sound less enthused.

I wonder… Is that why I feel dull and gloomy? Is that why I can’t seem to string two thoughts together to make sense? Is that why I feel so empty of something worthwhile to write?

Or maybe it’s the enemies – insecurity and inferiority – that are disrupting my thoughts and choking the words that want to come up.

It can be a continuing struggle sometimes. I compare myself with others and start thinking I’m not good enough or not doing enough to make a difference. Since I do better with my health in a quiet routine at home, I’m often at home. I hear of others doing volunteer work and so much service for others, and I feel inadequate.

Then I have to stop myself. Again. If I base my adequacy on what I do and how much I do, I have the wrong foundation. I don’t have to do more or do some great thing to make myself more special or enough in Jesus’ eyes. I am special just to be loved by Him. To be His child. My foundation will always crumble into a heap if it is not Jesus and His love for me.

And that love endures forever. It never gets dull but stays as vibrant as ever. It never dies. Seasons in our lives or our emotions may change, but Jesus’ love never will.

“His love endures forever.”
Psalm 136 – 26 times

Even though the flowers fade away, the birds take flight, and butterflies migrate south, that doesn’t mean God leaves. He is still here and always will be. No matter what.

I love spring and summer since the new life in creation displays God and His faithfulness and tender loving care. But every season shows evidence of His grace and power if only I open my eyes to it. The sun still faithfully comes up each day. The fall brings its glorious display of color. The winter snow falls so white and clean as it sings of God’s pure grace in washing away the blackness of our hearts and making them whiter than the snow. No matter what season it is, God is still here.

We don’t even have to look outside to see His creation. We are His creation, made by Him and for Him. Our every breath comes from Him. Every good thing that comes to us is given by Him. Our every hope hangs on Him. We cannot do one thing without Him.sunrise 2 - Glen

(My son took this sunrise photo.)


I need to enjoy every moment the flowers yet bloom and every bird that still comes instead of focusing on when they’re all gone again. And even when the blooms die out, I need to remember that Jesus’ love still blooms and will forever. No matter what season it is or what circumstances surround me. I just need to sit at His feet and open my heart. To believe what He says – that I am enough, valued, and significant in Him. To believe how much He loves me. To listen to His whispers of love and grace. To trust His guidance to lead me wherever He wants me to go.

Are you wilting in dejection? Jesus is still here for you. No matter what season of life you are going through, He is here. Rest in His love. His grace. His goodness. He can raise your wilting head. His love still blooms for you. Rest assured that His love will never wilt or die but will carry you through this life’s journey, no matter what happens. And through Him, you can bloom to spread His beauty to the lives of those around you.

“The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you;
He will never leave you nor forsake you.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

“One Thing Remains”
by Jesus Culture

Thank You, Jesus,
for your unfailing love!



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24 thoughts on “Jesus’ Love Blooms Forever

  1. Thank you. Grey skies, rain, and mugginess outside kind of mirrors my spirits today, so this word was welcomed. Thank you, Trudy. Seems you are always reading my mind. 🙂


  2. Hi Trudy! I just did a blog post on this subject of the quiet change of seasons just starting. (Love the photos here! That sunrise and the gold finch are gorgeous!)
    Your struggle to keep you feet on the right road is such an encouragement to me. I will often get overwhelmed and question my ability to do what God is calling me to do and it’s not a good feeling! I’d much rather live in the joy that He wants to give me… I know you would too. It’s nice to have a partner on the road.

    Blessings and Joy to you,


    1. Hi Ceil! I’m so glad you were encouraged. I love having you as a partner on the road. 🙂 Yes, it can be an overwhelming struggle sometimes, and like you, I’d rather live in the joy God wants to give us. We’ll have to keep encouraging each other to find the joy, right? Praying Jesus will fill you with His joy! Hugs!


    1. Thank you, Wilma. Yes, that verse is certainly encouraging, isn’t it? Also that song. It’s so amazing that Jesus’ love never fails, no matter what. Praying that God will continue to encourage you through His Word that He will never leave you or forsake you! Hugs!


  3. I decided just today to quit watering some of my flowers because they’re tired. It’s time to let the annuals go that are meant just for summer. So yes, I understand how you feel about summer falling away (my favorite season of the year). I’m glad you talked yourself out of feeling “less than” just because your health doesn’t allow you to be as active outside “in the world” as you’d like. You’re still a powerful woman of God right where you sit inside your house! Your voice reaches out so far and wide to many of us, and I always love to hear you, Trudy. Thanks for sharing this today.


    1. Your kind encouragement brings tears to my eyes and lifts my spirits, Lisa. Thank you for blessing me today. Yes, that’s exactly what some of those flowers look like – “tired.” The summer went by far too quickly. I’m so relieved Jesus never tires out with giving us His love. May Jesus fill you with vibrant blossoms of His love! Hugs!


  4. Trudy, what powerful words you share: ” Jesus’ love still blooms and will forever. No matter what season it is or what circumstances surround me.” His love endures – especially when I am “wilting”. I can’t hear that message enough…..thanks! I’m your neighbor at Holley’s today.


    1. Welcome, Sandra. I’m glad you stopped by. I’m blessed to know this message encouraged you. I can’t hear it enough either. I have to keep reminding myself of the power and steadfastness of Jesus’ love. May Jesus continue to uplift your wilting heart with His ever-enduring love! Hugs!


  5. Trudy, this is amazing. Such a hopeful, beautiful post! I’m sorry I missed your words last week. It’s been hard to keep up with life lately, never mind my overflowing inbox. But I’m so pleased I managed to read this post, especially these words:”No matter what season it is or what circumstances surround me. I just need to sit at His feet and open my heart. To believe what He says – that I am enough, valued, and significant in Him. To believe how much He loves me. To listen to His whispers of love and grace.” Amen! My heart echoes such thoughts as I sit at His feet more in this season and risk being unseen and insignificant to the world while I bask in His love, knowing I’m highly significant and beloved to Him. Love you, friend. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, and you do my soul good here. Thank you. Blessings and hugs. Xx ❤


    1. I’m blessed to know your soul was lifted today, Joy. Together we remind each other to rest and sit at Jesus’ feet and open our hearts to His whispers of love and grace and significance in Him. I love being on this journey with you. I’m so sorry you’re having a harder time lately. I was so afraid you would have a setback after all the busyness you had lately. May Jesus fill you with rest and peace in your soul and in your body! Hugs!


  6. Trudy, Deut. 31:8 is my favorite verse, but even though it’s posted on my fridge door, I sometimes need a fresh reminder in another place (like your blog today)! Your words are so encouraging, and the photos are beautiful too. You’ve made a difference in my life today, and I thank you for that!


    1. I’m so grateful you were encouraged, Lois. That’s a great text to post on your fridge door. We all need those fresh reminders, don’t we? When you say I’ve made a difference in your life today, tears pool in my eyes. Thank you for encouraging me, too. May Jesus remind you again and again through the circumstances of life that He is with you and will never leave you! Hugs!


  7. Trudy,
    Great photos of the sunset and of the sweet bird! {It’s hard to believe such pretty birds like that one show up in your garden!} It’s sometimes hard to believe God’s words about us and commit them to our hearts, but I think when we do, it does have the power to lift us from our places of discouragement. And I love that mystery of this walk with God, don’t you? Praying God’s truths of who you are in him sink deep into your heart! xoxo


    1. Thank you for your loving prayers, Valerie. I definitely need God’s truths to sink deep in my heart. For a while we had a pair of goldfinches come to our feeders, but lately I haven’t seen them. I miss them. They really are beautiful. Mostly families of house finches and mourning doves hang out here. I was so excited when I saw a hummingbird here a couple of times. “That mystery of this walk with God.” I love this thought. I love the building of suspense in mysteries. Maybe I should remember to apply that love to real life mystery. 🙂 Too often I weary of the not knowing and forget the process of growing in Jesus. Thank you for this thought. 🙂 I love how you often look at this walk with God as a grand adventure with a beautiful ending. I love being on this walk with you as we encourage each other to stay close to Jesus and cling to His promises. Praying Jesus fills you with His love, peace, and guidance on this journey! Hugs!


  8. Trudi- Thank you for this beautiful post that speaks to my heart as I am feeling seasons change too- its hard to say good bye and welcome change and new things for me. Thanks for reminding me how His love for me never changes. You blessed me tonight! 🙂 xo


    1. I am blessed to know this spoke to your heart, Susie. I’m sorry you also have a hard time saying good-bye to summer, too. Isn’t it just so awesome that His love will never change? Let’s hang onto that. 🙂 I am always blessed by your poems – such beautiful thoughts as you draw near to Jesus. Praying Jesus will hold you so close that you will hear the constant rhythm of His never-changing, faithful love for you! Hugs!


  9. Trudy,
    This: “Seasons in our lives or our emotions may change, but Jesus’ love never will.” Such a comforting truth…Jesus’ love isn’t based on how much we do…He created us with different gifts and He loves us/you just the way we are…Thank you for sharing these lovely photos and your words…You make a difference so the enemy will try to derail you …don’t believe him…blessings to you 🙂


    1. I’m grateful these truths are a comfort to you, Dolly. Thank you so much for your insight and encouragement. The enemy can be so crafty, can’t he? I have to keep purposely flinging God’s truth at his lies. Praying God will keep you, bless you, and give you peace! Hugs!


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